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  • Sue D. Nym "Sue D. Nym" - Not sure at first but turned out great!I was given a Chillow as a gift from my roommate since my early onset menopause was making it impossible for me to cool down in the evenings when I was trying to fall asleep. It has worked really great. I read a lot of negative comments about how it bunches up when you toss and turn in your sleep and I did have that happen to me the first couple of nights, but after putting it in a pillow case on top of another pillow it did fine. The textured back helped it stick to the pillow and move around a lot less. It will be interesting to see if it continues to keep me cool as summer comes on but right now I think this is the best thing I have been given in years. A few people have also commented on the plastic smell. I did notice a slight smell but it is not overwhelming to me and again when I put it in the pillowcase with the other pillow it is not noticeable so maybe this will help if you are concerned about the scent.
  • Brian E. Scherrer - Required reading......for those who regard liberty as anything more than a campaign-trail abstraction. Those of us over a certain age grew up fearing the threat of communism. As it turned out, it wasn't much of a threat. The real threat, the one we all missed, was the one right under our noses, as our public servants on all levels--from those sworn to protect and defend to those we elected to govern, morphed into our corporatist/fascist masters. As never-ending "wars" like the war on drugs became an ongoing excuse to eviscerate the Constitution and Bill of Rights turn "Peace Officers" into a standing army of occupation.

    Balko meticulously documents this evolution from an historical perspective, bringing together his years of tracking police excesses and increasing militarization, with history lessons in how the modern police force as we know it came to be.

    The true spirit of liberty, the true spirit of these United States, may not yet be lost to us and to history, but it's clearly on life support, and the Priest waits in the hallway... Our first, best hope to turn back the tide will always be education, and "Rise of the Warrior Cop" is an excellent place to start.

    But then, if you're not doing anything wrong, what do you have to worry about, right? And oh yes, Think of the Children!
  • Patricia Scott - Unbelievable!I received this product today. I was skeptical about whether it would satisfy my needs, but also desperate! I have a tooth that is only in by the bond that is on the back of my tooth. That tooth started separating from the tooth next to it. So I did not have need for an entire tooth, but I needed something to fill a small gap, that is probably only VERY noticeable to me, but felt like everyone I talked to was looking at it! I melted up the temptooth and made it slide in between the two teeth.....looks so natural! My husband could not even tell! I was amazed. The hardest part was getting the water hot enough and not too hot! I am ready to go to church tomorrow and smile up in e everyone's face!
    No doubt about it....this stuff WORKS! Relieved. Temptooth has given me back my security and pretty smile! ( so I've been told!)
  • veraann - Donna Gates is Brilliant!One day I picked up the BED book and started to read it from front to back! I was totally drawn into Donna's writing. Having been passionate in natural health for years I could see she left no stone unturned. With so many questions out there in regards to health diet etc. this book has done deep research and gets to the bottom of things. It answered so many of my questions. It made so much sense I decided to put it in practice. I have never felt better or looked better. I have followed the principles since I read the book (which I think is about 5-6 years) and love it! I am at my desired weight, people ask me what I eat and what I use on my skin all the time. It's nice when they think I am younger then I am as well :)). What I love about the book is it addresses the innerecosystem, the immune sytem, the digestive system, candida, the organs etc. It isn't just about what foods to eat. When it does cover the foods we should eat it explains in great depth - which foods and much, food combining etc. Being a twenty-six year ovarian cancer surviver my intent is what to do to live and survive the healthiest and fullest that I can. Sure, I want to look good but its deeper then the surface. This book goes deeper then the surface. My heart breaks when I watch the American people put all this junk and processed food in their bodies. These are living human bodies we have! How can it survive on chemicals and junk food. It really break when I see what adults are feeding their children...these precious little souls. We need to take care of our bodies and our precious loved ones! Donna's book is far my favorite. Listening to here speak is also worth every minute of my time. Thank you Donna and am looking so forward to your next book!!