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  • Marsha Queen of Amazon "Amazon Queen" - It Really Works!!!I thought this purchase was going to be another one of those wishful hoping buys. After surviving menopause, I've developed facial hair that many a man would envy. I'm not sure what the hair follicle cycle is, but I'm already seeing positive results from using the Flash & Go. Two particularly dense areas are almost nonexistent now. One has had a minor regrowth, but it was MUCH less dense & very soft. I just did another treatment & all indications are that it might no longer be a problem. Since the treatment schedule is an every other week plan, I'll be back with an update if things progress in the positive. I will also update if I discover a failure. At this point, all signs are pointing to SUCCESS!!! Oh yes, all this was done with the "3" setting & I have the option to up it to a "5" if need be.

    I used it once a week as directed through the end of 2012. I was thrilled with the results. I didn't use it at all from the end of 2012 until the end of March 2013. ALL the hair that was removed was still gone EXCEPT for 6 hairs that had been in in the thickest part of the removal area. These 6 hairs were now completely white. I was concerned as they recommend NOT using on blond hair & I was worried that I'd NEVER get rid of those 6 hairs. Since the end of march, I've gone back to using once a week as recommended & I'm brave enough to use the #5 setting. Now (mid May) it appears that those 6 hairs are dying also. I might stop using one more time to see what is really happening with those 6 hairs. I'll be back once I figure out what has actually happened to those 6 hairs!!! I was skeptical that this was ever going to work; but, now I'm a believer!!!

    UPDATE 11/04/2013

    Once I got down to the 6 gray hairs I got lazy & stopped using weekly. They appeared to be dying & I stopped using back in June. 5 months later 4 gray hairs appeared & I've gone back to my weekly use to see what will happen now!!! These 4 hairs are MUCH finer than they were when there was 6 of them & they are growing MUCH slower!!! I'm going back to my weekly use & see IF I can't finally get rid of these 4 hairs!!! Still, I am THRILLED that I've gone from a full manly beard to just 4 little gray hairs in a years time!!! IF I get no more results, I am HAPPY; however, I am betting that with a few more treatments, these 4 hairs will die also!!! I am soooo happy with my facial results that I've decided to start working on my legs next. I had procrastinated on that as I have great difficulty bending over to do the work & I wanted to KNOW it will be worth the effort!!! The results on my face have been soooo promising that I'll be starting my legs soon!!!
  • Rafael Granado - Excellent productI bought it for my mom an since the first pill it worked great

    I would recomend it to any suffering for stomach problems
  • "hdapk dot net" - Great deal! I only paid 70% as much as the binder full of men!Outstanding binder, grapeshot contents. I ordered three of them; one of them felt subjugated, yet honored; one of them worked diligently in a windowless office in frumpy dresses; but the last one just kept menstruating all over the place. Order several, in case you get one that has to leave early every Friday to pick up its kids from soccer practice or puts too much nutmeg in the apple pies.