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  • Perian J. Webb - Best Gift EverI gave my husband a Kindle for Christmas 2008. He has more electronics than anyone else I know. He thought he had them all until he opened his Christmas present and was shocked. He has told everyone that that was the BEST Christmas present he has ever gotten. I like the fact that the 30 books he has read this year I do NOT have to find a place to store them.
  • Cathy - Align kept me strongI have never written review for anything, but 'Align' has changed my life and today I thought I owe this review to the produce. I started using Align 2 months ago accidently when I was in a pharmacy and sick of IBS symptoms was trying to find some treatments. I had tried everything for 4 years, and all of them useless. Starting taking Align, I never had those symptoms back again. Just once during these 60 days which is a real improvement for my kind of IBS. I also need to say, these 2 months have been the most stressful days of my life and I have been through a lot of financial problems and everybody knows IBS gets really worse in times of stress.
    Align kept me strong.