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  • John Sehring III - Great pan if you know how to use it!I received this pan for my birthday because I love to cook. I seasoned the pan as the directions stated and I use a cooking spray, even though the directions indicate that you don't have to. I never had a problem with my pan, until my mother-in-law was staying over and tried to use my pan to make a grilled cheese sandwich. She practically destroyed the pan. She used cooking spray on it, but she over cooked her sandwich and burned the oil to the pan. I had to use commercial grade grill and fryer cleaner and a green Scotch-Brite to remove the blackened oil. I noticed that the Scotch-Brite put scratches into the ceramic surface and I am hoping this did not ruin the pan but it probably has. I will find out tonight when I use it. Bottom line is, do not let the food burn onto the pan. If you know how to cook, this pan is great! If you tend to burn the things you cook, then let someone else do the cooking.
  • Kandeda Trefil "Feloni S. S. Salt" - A PHYSICIAN'S experience with PARKINSON'S DISEASE and the ONE-MINUTE CUREWhen my husband correctly diagnosed himself with PD (Parkinson's disease) 20 years ago, the medical mantra was right out of the Book of Job, except instead of the comforter's saying, "Curse God and die," up-to-date, conventional, Western medicine unanimously advised, "Take Sinemet and die." Not content with that, he has tried many different approaches and medicines hoping to extend his life, including CHELATION (in case his symptoms were due to heavy-metal poisoning), ingesting HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE, use of CHINESE HERBS and ACUPUNCTURE, various PSYCHOTHERAPIES, self-inclusion in a number of WELLNESS GROUPS, making DIETARY CHANGES and ADDITIONS including a wide variety of NUTRACEUTICALS, experimenting with MASSAGE, and ultimately, of course, entering HOSPICE.

    To be fair, until now, by far the best medicine he tried was cannabis leaves.

    However, in less than two weeks of hydrogen-peroxide therapy as outlined in The One-Minute Cure, each day Dr Trefil's body discards or initiates the process of discarding new symptoms and/or syndromes of PD.

    He approached THE ONE-MINUTE CURE with serious reservations, but then he was skeptical of every medicine or protocol he was about to adopt. Fortunately, Dr Trefil is no fan of the pharmaceutical industry.

    THANK YOU MADISON CAVANAUGH! I have my husband back, and he's getting healthier every day!
  • Natasha - Perfect entertainmentMy son started playing with it when he was 4 months old - I put him on his back and he batted at dangling toys and hit piano keys with his feet non-stop. When he was 5.5 months he started holding to toys to play with them. I love that the toys are kind of flat rather than round - it makes them easier to fit into his hand and mouth. Once he started rolling on his tummy at 6 months, he started playing with the mat itself, trying to pick characters from it and "talking" to them. Now at 7 months he can sit, so he loves sitting in front of the piano and press keys with his feet while reaching for the blinking lights with his hands. We kind of go through the same routine every day - going through different "play stations" and this mat holds his attention for good 30-40 minutes every day .
  • Shawty27 - Samsung Tab2 10.1I really love this product. I haven't purchased the product as yet but I am contemplating. Would I be able to go on facebook? Can someone please give me the steps as to downloading archive adobe flash. I would really like to know that I could look at movies in my pleasure. This seems like a great buy anyways. Thanks much in advance for comments.

    I love everything about the tablet expect the following:
    . There is no USB port for flashdrive, hence I will have to purchase a OTG USB Kit to use to transfer data
    . The tablet does not have adobe flash player to watch certain movies.
    . If I am on Facebook etc and I wand to listen movie form youtube the page that is facebook is on will blanket out and youtube comes on. Long story short, you cannot be on facebook and listen music at the same time.
    . The battery doesn't last that long especially when watching a movie or playing songs.

    I would recommend this product to anyone. Great product as a gift. A case is recommended to put the tablet in to keep the tablet in good condition.
  • Kelley V - Old family photoThis shirt reminds me of home because I was raised by wolves. Don't believe me? I can prove it. How you say? Look at the three wolf moon t-shirt. Those are my parents and my baby brother Blitzkrieg. I miss them so much but this shirt takes me back to that warm safe place in the hills. Its amazing how art so beautiful like this one can return you to a place with just one glance. I will always wear this shirt and remember the good ole days under the bright moon with the fam.