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  • NotTheOnlyFan - UPDATE: Still works 14 months later, 5 STARSThe grilling world is a debate between charcoal and gas. I've got news for both sides, and this is gonna kinda suck: electric tastes better.

    Why? THINK ABOUT IT. Is charcoal ash a common condiment, beside salt and pepper? Nope. Does butane really get you excited to eat a burger? Not me.

    Electric REMOVES these peculiar flavors and allows the flavor of the item and marinade to stand alone. This is ideal.

    Another ideal is being able to plug in a grill to get it started. No bags of charcoal, no checking to see if you have enough gas in the tank. If you're not in a brown out, you're ready to go. Turning off the grill is as easy. Virtually no cleanup. (I'll get to that in a bit.)

    So let's start from the beginning. As some have noted, the grill requires assembly. These people are whiners. I'm by no means 'good' with assembling things. My toolbox is literally a cardboard box with tools in it. Okay? I panic at the very idea of IKEA. But if you've had success assembling IKEA stuff, you'll be able to pull this off. With time and patience. If not, I'm sure you know someone you can pay $20 to assemble this. It's not THAT bad.

    I've owned smaller table top electric grills in the past. What's wrong with them is that they offer non-stick surfaces, as if that's wise or a convenience. In every case the grill gunks up for good within a year and is unusable. The Bistro, on the other hand, has a grill you can scrape with a $4 brush just like a real grill. I was afraid of cleanup. Now I love it. I takes about 20 seconds of work. BIG DEAL.

    The surface area is best for a couple or small gathering. If you have 20 people to feed, simply too small. I had three couples over recently, with a pile of veggies and 7 skewers of meat. It took three waves. So be patient.

    The heating is the most oddball part of this. It runs its hottest at first. As you continue grilling, it seems to take longer to re-heat up to HOT after you've opened the top. The book advises you keep the top as closed as often as possible, and I agree. It's the dome that raises the heat, not the heating element. Make sense?

    But -- so far -- we LOVE this grill. My only concern is that the electric element is exposed below the grill. So like a piece of something can fall on it and immediately vaporize. But is that a good thing? I see the same element in my dishwasher, and so I guess they can take abuse. But should they?

    FOUR STARS now, FIVE if the element is working THE SAME a year from now.

    Happy grilling.

    UPDATE: 14 months later. Still works like a charm. Upgraded to 5 Stars!
  • J. Jackson - Single-handedly changed my relationship with food.My doctor recommended this book to me after I complained about my struggle losing the baby weight from my two kids. I bought it, read it, shared it with my husband, and we are both down about 15lbs in about 2 months. It's all very common sense, but the fact that you know what substitutions to use in all aspects of your meal planning is really great. We made a list of substitutions from the grocery section and took it to the store with us when shopping. Some of the info inside is staggering when you realize how much calories and sodium are in things you've been eating for years. I haven't changed my exercise frequency much and I've felt healthier and looked better than I have in years. This is a really great reference if you're looking for a good foundation to healthy eating.
  • Diane - ShatteringTerribly haunting and difficult to read as a mother. But a sound warning to all of the potential destruction the world is capable of. Some critics seem to find this version of apocalypse impossible, but I can envisage a potential chain of events that could lead to such a future. Depressing. Too bad five stars gets an 'I love it!', as this is not exactly the words I'd use.
  • morning moments "morning moments" - the absolute best!!!I have loved Diana Gabaldon books. I have read them all over and over. I would say above all books I have ever read her books I love the best. Often times I find when I am bored or driving in the car my mind takes me back to a scene in one of her books. I am an avid reader and have bookshelves upon bookshelves of books. but this book along with the others in the series are my very favorite. Read them you will not regret it!!!