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  • Cynthia Hurst - Great Summer ReadBeautiful Ruins is a roller coaster of times and places with something for everyone, but those favoring quirky modern fiction mixed with 60s zaniness will love this book. The author is an amazing writer, a man from Spokane with a world view, and he carries off the time changes and jumble of characters well. He also has an incredible number of ideas that come in very handy. The wrap-up at the end is perfect: I loved who the character Pasquale Tursi was and became, and how true he stayed to himself. A real commentary on modern ethics with lots of tidbits from Hollywood, the music biz, and international locales. Written with sensitivity, sensuality and pathos, surprisingly realistic and fun, Beautiful Ruins is a great summer read.
  • Amanda - Great Gift for my girls ages 2,5,and 7So happy with the kindle HD's we bought the girls for Christmas! Great picture, great sound and we bought them used from amazon labeled in good condition, they look brand new! I love the parental controls standard on them and the amazon kids free time app is the biggest selling point! We control what apps they can access and how long she can access them! The kids won't be limited like a lot of kids specific tablets! It can grow with her reading, writing, homework, pictures, and of course games, and movies!

    We did try an off brand about two weeks ago they all came broken in some way. So spending only 30$ more to get this was worth it! Even if the others weren't broken they wouldn't have been as kid friendly, have access to some of the main popular apps or even look as crisp!

    Bottom line If your going for a tablet for yourself or the kids get a name brand such as kindle! (I have an iPad, i love it but the price tag is a bit hefty and if I didn't already have an iPad I'd get a kindle for myself because of quality for price!) New kindles cost a bit much but if you search for last years version used or refurbished you can get a great product with twice the storage for half the price! We only paid $110 for each one and they in my opinion are high quality with a low quality knock off price!
  • Jackie P - Like a box of the finest chocolates!You open the box, take out one piece, and promise to savor each and every remaining one. Before you know it, you have devoured the entire box and are yearning for more! Well, the same can be said for each page in this enchanting book, A Fine Romance. It is a delightful read, full of humor, expressive artwork and photos of Susan's & Joe's sojourn to the English countryside. Ride along in the back seat of their rented car (no screaming allowed!). The book/diary is a breath of fresh air. Just lovely.
  • Ashley McBrian - love, love, love it!this is a great stroller. We searched around a lot for a stroller that was light, easily compactable, doesn't take up a ton of room in the trunk, offers great storage, great mobility, slim in shape to go down isles with ease and not feeling like you are in the way and the tires work great even in the grass. this is a wonderful stroller and is everything we were looking for in a stroller.