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  • Lorraine - Excellent Read!This book was quite enjoyable. It was fluid and extremely easy to ready given the complexity of the topic. The author does a wonderful job of compiling centuries worth of information, stories, and different interpretations to tell prove his arguments. Moreover, every chapter is interconnected as the author constantly reminds the reader of important details that contribute to the story telling. There is a lot of information to comprehend and analyze and it's arrangement is masterful.
  • K. Dionisio "Simply Me" - A pill to better regularityI use this product whenever I feel irregular or bloated. The first time you use it, give it a week, then you'll notice smoother stools.

    Before I travel or if I get sick, I sometimes take 2 pills. This helps to keep bad bacteria out.

    Easy pill to pop
    Made my bowel movements easier

    Taking it the first time, took at least a week to see results