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  • Carol Olah "dog wuver" - This stuff is awesome!I made a tooth my first try. I have a bottom tooth that fell out and need to find a dentist. I have a big Dentist phobia(Bad past experiences). So this is a fix for now. It's not a perfect tooth, and I will probably give it another try to make one better, but it's fairly simple to make it.
    Thank you for making this product to help me through.
    I give this item 5 stars! It's awesome! Now to find that dentist and the $$$ to help me overcome my phobia.
  • devon travis - great!!!!!!Great!! love how i feel and a slow process fat burner which seems healthier wish the pills werent so large but i'll manage.
  • S Carr - Great Trampoline - Installation TipsOK - this is a great trampoline, as most other people have said in their reviews... I want to offer some helpful installation tips

    1. Throw the installation manual away!
    2. Throw the included tools away! Use a REAL phillips screwdriver, preferably a power drill/driver with the clutch set to 10 of 24.
    3. Assemble ring on ground - MAKE SURE to ALTERNATE pieces with the square receivers for the netting supports. (VERY IMPORTANT!)
    4. Assemble "W" legs, insert first one, then skip one, skip another, and then install the remaining three. Makes it easier!
    5. Install jumping surface with springs, but make sure EVERY triangle loop is THROUGH the netting band "button hole"
    6. Assemble netting supports on ground, install caps and screw pins through holes at top of netting and get three or four people to help you raise all of the supports simultaneously

    I may have left a few minor details out, but you'll figure it out. Follow the instructions and tips above and you won't waste time assembling as I did.

    Hope this helped, and happy jumping!
  • G. E. Dye - Review of the SGX GPS by SkyCaddieThe SGX exceeded my expectations. I had been using the SG2, circa 2005. The latest model has a larger screen; the maps are in color and easy to view in the sunlight. It provides more visual data (rough boudaries, hazards, bunkers) for the fairway including a bird's eye view of the entire hole. In addition, it has a movable cursor on the map of the fairway that allows me to determine the best distance for a layup on par 5s. The yardage accuracy, as verified by a laser range finder, is better than the competitive GPSes used by my fellow competitors.