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  • HPD202 "L. Natelborg" - Great tabletAwesome tablet! I really struggle with paying Apple's exorbitant prices for the iPad. I've had them and now one of these and I don't see why Apple has to charge so much for their products other then being greedy. This is just as good as their products. Amazon was even kind enough to give me a Mother's day discount even though I ordered it a couple days before the advertised sale. They also gave me another discount when I noticed I was shorted a couple GBs on the device. It should have 16 GB but mine only had 14 GB. I didn't need all 16 though
  • Cocobutterflame - works and price is exellentPurchased this for my tablet and it has worked fine since being mounted. overall its perfect for its purpose. satisfied.
  • Bill Weiss (oneadem@worldnet.att.net) - The Artists Way opens the door to creativity.--------------------------------------------------Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way is more than mere chicken soup for the creative soul, it's the whole bird! As artists, we often catch the sideways glances from folks whose creative spirit is choked off by life's strangle-hold -- a hold that dictates what being "adult" is all about. Cameron's 12 weekly steps return us to the path the Creator set for us when we were gifted with our creative spark.Active artists in any medium or those frozen on the sidelines will see themselves and life's new direction in every passion-driven chapter. We were born to create. Cameron helps open the door.
  • dargonmaster - IncredibleWhat can be said about this milk that will not in any way shape or form understate the vast deliciousness that is Tuscan Whole Milk?

    When I first saw this product, I thought "how crazy must a person be to order milk from a website?" I instantly changed my mind the minute this delicous Tuscan treasure touched my lips. I had ingested a double threat, because not only was my thirst quenched, but my hunger as well, as it was like a delicious chocolate flavored cottage cheese beverage. The curds trickled down my throat and I was enthralled by the essence that is Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon 128 fl oz. Although I spent almost 30 dollars on this product, and did not have enough money to pay my alimony, I did not care, because in my own way, and with this Tuscan Whole milk, I was rich. To exemplify the preciousness that is Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon 128 fl oz, let me share with you an anecdote about a shirt of mine. I once spilled the yellow tinge ambrosia onto my favorite buttoned shirt, and it left a golden stain all over the front of it. However, this did not dissuade me from keeping it my favorite. In fact, I wore that very shirt to work the next day, sporting my Tuscan stain like a badge of honor that spoke out "Hey world, I am a connessuer of fine dairy, and I am proud of it!"

    In short, this Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon 128 fl oz is the perfect addition to any broken refrigerator that one might posses, and also to the asauphogus of any and all persons who may ingest this semi-liquid love juice. I highly recommend this product, as it is worth every penny, and consequental stomach pain.
  • Frank Solis "Film Buff" - So far NIS is Fantastic!This is my first experience with a security suite. I considered three of them, Bitdefender, Kas, and Norton. After reading many reviews online on all of them, I picked NIS and I have not been let down. It works well with my computers and so far has not allowed any evil little things to penetrate its defenses. I also like there 24/7 support. I bought it as a download from amazon and I also like that fact that I can always re-download my product should I ever need to. These days you do not need just antivirus but a complete security system in order to stay safe online. I also like Norton safe search which allows me to see the sites Norton has already classified as safe, really convenient. So so far, I am very happy with this product and I am not a novice with security software. The download was available at a great price also. I feel comfortable surfing and i know that any security software can be beaten by criminals but with NIS, I feel I stand the best chance of protecting my computers. One last thing, it does not bug you all the time, like some security systems do, so I really feel I got a bargain, because NIS is a true winner!