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  • urwink "Wink" - My go to bookThis has become my go to book for info on Baby and is the second book I have purchased by this group (Baby Bargains). I have gone through many, many baby books and keep coming back to this due to how easy it is to read and how down to earth the info and recommendations are compared to others. Plus it has the added benefit of simple to understand thoughts and options from a well read and respected doctor.
  • Cameron Scott French - Better than iPad, costs lessI love android products. I have a Galaxy S3, and now that I own this, My S3 is used mainly as a phone now. This tablet is easy to use and I can't think of anything I'd rather have. I've played with iPads and Windows tablets, and they don't compare.
  • C. Dunn - Intuit Delivers againI was fortunate enough to be a Beta tester this year for the Quicken Home and Business 2012 product. I was very pleased with the performance improvements in Quicken. There are improvements in click point access that make using the program easier and more convenient in areas ranging from reconciling my checkbook to downloading transactions.
  • Grandma Pearle "..." - Works on daughter's breakoutsMy 19- year old daughter gets breakouts on her chin and around her lips. One time she also had a cold sore on her bottom lip and when I put the Abbreva on it, I thought "what the heck?" and put it on her face as well.

    We were astonished to see her acne-like face breakouts disappear within 2 days.

    I'm guessing that what we had been calling "acne" or "zits" was neither -- it was a virus the whole time causing her face to break out. Now, whenever her face starts to breakout we put Abreva on it and it clears up fast. Who knew?
  • Stuart Barrett - Perfection !!!This album is a true indication that the old wizards could still produce music of a very high standard with the absence of Roger Waters.You could almost worship this album because it's such a great piece of music you constantly loose yourself in the complex guitar trips that Dave Gilmour plays to perfection. For me this album is just as good as D.S.O.T.M or W.Y.W.H if not better !!!01) Cluster One - 10/10
    02) What Do You Want From Me - 10/10
    03) Poles Apart - 10/10
    04) Marooned - 10/10
    05) A Great Day For Freedom - 10/10
    06) Wearing The Inside Out - 10/10
    07) Take It Back - 9/10
    08) Coming Back To Life - 10/10
    09) Keep Talking - 10/10
    10) Lost For Words - 9/10
    11) High Hopes - 10/10Total - 108/110Go and buy this album and treat your ears to something with lasting quality.