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  • Laurie Knowles "octobia" - Stunning Art and WritingThis is my second year in a row with the We'moon calendar book and this one is even more exquisite than last year's edition. The artwork, vivid colors, lovely, inspiring and clever verse and insightful prose make this a gem all through the year. As someone whose handwriting is a little on the large size, my only negative is a desire for a little more room to write -- busy weeks get very crowded.

    Worth every penny and more.
  • Madison - kik: laneellandMAN!!! I love it its a lot easier u don't have to carry your big console to your friends house when you can just play online with a tablet or phone awesome guys keep up the good work :)
  • Senya Dedoo - Must have for your gaming needsI have been desiring one of these for 6 long years now. Once i got my package I found that the outside box(there is 2 boxes) was slightly beaten but I said to myself "that's OK) so I opened the second box which was in mint condition and I found all 4 games 1 controller 1 usb 1 av cable and the console itself. The console itself was extremely light and very easy to setup. I LOVE my PS3
  • joe_n_bloe - The most listenable Pink FloydSo the lyrics are a bit nihilistic. After hundreds of listenings over the years that doesn't matter to me. This is the jazziest, most melodic, most even of all Pink Floyd albums. You put it on, you listen, you lose track of time. If only it were longer.And it's the only album I'm aware of that contains vocoded dog barks. (Perhaps you remember hearing Johnny Fever playing that passage on WKRP!)