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  • Diana Lynn - Fair Weather GolferAfter a 15 year hiatus from golf and not wanting to spend a fortune, I ordered this set so I could hit the links with my grandchildren. Imagine my surprise when I lifted the box. I figured they must have forgotten something because its was so light. The clubs feel good in hand and after a few bucket of balls have me eager to get on the fairway. I plan to carry this set for added exercise knowing it's light weight and comfortable strap will allow me to walk the links instead of riding!
  • momo - nicethis is a really good tablet for a 3 years old kid ! i gave this to my nephew in christmas and he love it, the only bad about this is the leapfrog app store they dont have free games
  • S. Smith "PC & home theater builder" - I finally know what this cable is for! AKDL1+Rane PI14=Grand Unification!Audiophiles rejoice! The Denon AKDL1 will not only give you a transcendental audio experience (and one heck of a bitstream hangover), but it is fully compatible with the ultimate piece of audio gear, the Rane Pseudoacoustic Infector PI14! Google it, if you dare!

    Now you have control over both Power and Glory, with the ability to vary both This and That while panning from Here to There... and the Back Again button insures that any temporal incursions or paradoxes can be wiped away with the flick of a finger! It's like an acid trip with an Off switch!

    Send Bach to the Future, or Pink Floyd to the Dark Ages!