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  • David A. Smith "Doctor Strange 2013" - Wow Hits 2013This is a awesome cd it is fun and enjoyable to listen to the best songs on this cd are

    Disc 1

    1. Courageous
    2. 10,000 Reasons(Bless The Lord)
    7. The Hurt & The Healer
    8. Forgiveness
    16. Only A Mountain

    1. God's Not Dead(Like A Lion)
    6. Busted Heart(Hold On To Me)
    7. Hold Me
    11. Good Morning
    14. The Light In Me
    15. Make A Move

    if you have not listened to this cd then i recommend you do
  • Erica Stephan - Where There Is No Health InsuranceI bought this book for traveling in Latin America but upon returning home have nicknamed my copy "Where There Is No Health Insurance". It's readable and specific (no medical euphemisms) and doesn't take the usual home health manual tack of "if you suffer anything more than a paper cut, you must go immediately to a Licensed Professional who will charge you $500 to recommend rest and fluids." My advice to the uninsured is to read this book CAREFULLY from cover to cover, then go to Mexico and stock up on basic antibiotics, etc that are available over the counter there. You will no longer have to choose between ignoring your health problems and incurring massive debt (and people claim this book is not relevant to the US!)
  • judy vacante - Best travel tips ever!Definitely required reading before a trip to Italy . On our last trip, saved money by eating and staying at his recommended restaurants and hotels. Had money left over at the end of our trip! We never travel to Europe without one of Rick Steve's books. All the insider information you could ever want. Tear out the info on the cities you are visiting and take them with you.
  • Penny Pumpkin - Just what I neededThis product could not be any easier to use. If you just follow a few simple steps, you will have a great cup of coffee in about 2 minutes. I'm pretty clumsy, but even i know how NOT to overflow the water which seems to be a common complaint. First you press power. Then you pour water into the cup you are using to measure and then pour it into the machine. When you open the part that holds the K-cup, the water drains, you then put the K-cup in, close it, put your mug underneath and press brew. Again it could not be easier. It takes up little counter space, is attractive, and there is little or no cleanup involved. My favorite flavor is the Green Mountain - Caramel Vanilla Cream. It definitely depends on what flavor /brand you use so don't judge it until you've tried a variety of k-cups to see which ones you like.