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  • Kirk Perry "Plumber and VT" - XL Pilgrim3 lbs.! That's a lot of paper!
    I assembled a 2013, Sportster 1200cp Custom online, using Harley-Davidson's Bike Builder program, and ordered "the Clymer manual" for this year. The cover of the manual above lists models 2004-2011, so it seems as though Sportster's haven't changed a great deal over the years. I was told by the dealership that all of the exhaust systems for Sportster's and Dyna-Glides are standardized , so I've ordered my mufflers to be tapered like the ones on the cover of this book.
    Having the manual available, before the factory delivers the machine, allows me time to read-up on the modern "unit construction" (trans. and motor in one crankcase) XLCH I rode for 14 yrs., before building a pan and knuckle.
    The iron-Sportster Clymer's manual had some mistakes, and "once" led my co-author down an incorrect procedure-path - So we know each author(s) rendition will be different.

    Ordered the 2013 Sportster factory service manual as well, Harley no. (99484-13) through the dealership. I'll do some comparisons between to two manuals and return with an updated review. My Panhead Clymer's is a good book and contains information not available in the OEM 1959-69 Service Manual. This one may reveal info-nuggets as well. Having (all) the manuals and parts numbers for your investment is a good idea = to know what you ride.

    Available below is the Bike Builder result for my 1200 SportCustom.
    Note: A builder can toggle between wheels, handlebars, paint and saddlebags at will, and turn the bike 360-degrees while doing so. Click "handlebars" and see how the twist grip reaches over the gas cap's back edge. Then click "pull back" bars. The grip doesn't reach as far back. The risers do, but the rider is still closer to the tank. At 5'11" & 174 lbs., I chose the mini-apes. *I test rode all models at San Diego H-D, as fast as they could roll them out. The mini-apes gave me so much top-weight control, that I turned the bike around after a couple of blocks and placed an order for the 1200 Custom w/ (14"h) windshield.

    * I went into the dealership looking for the modern version of my '57 Panhead. I rode the FXDC 98" 6-speed, with speedster (semi-flat) bars, and reach-back bars. Too much wind capture, and plain ol' too much motorcycle. I don't feel connected to the road. The skinny tire drifts on sections of vertical-grooved freeways.
    Then I rode a 1200cp Sportster with reach back risers (too close to the tank, and wind capture for my liking). Then, rode with mini-apes (reach up and backs) and was sold on the handling.
    Give the 1200 Sportster a test-ride before you buy a Big Twin, imo. But remember, for two bikes to ride together, they need to be the same cubic inch don't they? One bike riding ahead of the other that's winding-out just to stay-up? The Sportster is a 5-spd. It's feeling a little "wound" around 65. FXDC Big Twins and that group are just getting started at 65 mph.
    I've decided to have the transmission sprocket changed out from the original 29-T final drive pulley for a 30-T, to lower the rpm's, in 5th, on the freeway at 65-70 mph (to go with the forward controls and mini-apes).
    The Clymer manual arrived. 603 pages with gobs of information. Extremely detailed. Clear photos and an extensive troubleshooting section.
    The Clymer covers are pre-creased to establish a fold, but if you want to keep your pages intact, then break the book in by placing it spine down and selecting (10) pages, give or take, and folding them down to the cover - running your index finger 1/2" away from the split. This will cause the pages to fold there and not at the binding.
    Pages 446 thru 570 are a 2007-2013 Supplement unique to those year models.
    The dealership is exchanging the 29-T pulley for a 30-T (40380-04) before I pick the bike up, along with the OEM 2013 manual. I'll return with comparisons.
    July 1, 2013
    I picked up the bike and OEM manual June 19, exactly as ordered. The OEM manual for the 2013 XL and it's layout is completely different than this Clymer manual. Where the Clymer manual is in great part, helpful electronic troubleshooting chart trees [to anyone mad enough to try and work on one). The modern Sportster's have not-one, slot or Phillips-head screw on the entire machine. Total Torx fasteners here, and torqued to inch and foot lbs., everyone of them.
    IMO,get the 5-yr. extended warranty w/ wheel & tow package on your bike for another 900.-$1040. Note: The accepted run-out for the rear wheel and rubber belt is in the 32nds of an inch realm, and if the wheel's knocked out of whack, it wears the belt, so know before-you-go..... these XL 1200's are no Panhead. There's a black box with tubes and wires going into what used to be known as a CARBURETOR.
    Buy this book for your periodic maintenance schedules and volumes, but listen up! Clymers calls out for a 500 mile oil change, when the actual oil changes are for 1,000, 5,000 and 10,000 mile intervals.
    Get the OEM manual too. Only available from your dealership. Call first, they have to be ordered. That's how much Harley-Davidson wants you to get your mitts on their machine design. Not much, and with good reason.
    Be sure and try a 30-T transmission pulley or you will MISSING-OUT on a Sportster's true potential. All of the gear bands are lengthened. 2nd gear is dynamic. 2nd gear with a 30-T pulley is your pay-back for every rotten thing that's every befallen you. 60-70 mph is a nice band. 70-75 mph is magic. It feels like a hand is pushing your rear fender. Very powerful. A 30-T pulley (sprocket).
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    If you not sure, get this book from library.
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  • Kristina - Awesome GameI tried the game when my boyfriend talked me into doing the free trial.. Let's just say that it did not take me long to be convinced that it would be a game that I would be willing to play. I find that I love the magical powers, I have played the wizard, which was pretty awesome, and then I played the witch doctor until I unfortunately died on level 8 of hardcore.

    Finally something that my boyfriend and I can do together and have fun doing.