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  • P'Muri "P'Muri" - Best Blender out thereIts the best Blender out there. Hands down. I tried various brands of blenders before and none comes close in quality and standard of built. I like the way it feels in hand you will appreciate it more if you have used other brands before.

    The only problem though was its price. But hey you got to pay for good stufff.

  • kwall1343 - LOVE IT!I must say that my Kindle Fire is amazing and it is definitely a must-have item. If you are looking for a reading device, or even just a tablet that you can search the internet with, this is the device to go with. Much cheaper than anything apple related and way better in my opinion. Easy access to all my favorite books. I am on it at least 3-5 hours of my day.
  • dsrt1 - A Must Read for all AmericansI have purchased hundreds of items from Amazon and haven't posted many reviews. Others do that just as well or better but I feel compelled to urge everyone who has not or is undecided about this writing to immediately put this in your cart and read it thoroughly as soon as you can. It is as important as anything written in my life time, IMO, and I sincerely think it will open your eyes as to what is really going on in the USA right now. Approach this with an open mind without regard to political or religious views but read it from beginning to end.