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  • J. Smith "Internet surfing Trucker" - Great protection, for a great price.I have been a Trend Micro user for many years, but stopped using their product, when they dropped the Firewall feature in their newest products. I started searching everywhere I could think of, comparing Internet Security programs. I

    I compared reports from dozens of sites, and the top 3 kept coming up as the best. I was then able to download trial versions of all 3. I used AVG for 30 days, then moved on to F-Secure. After 30 days of F-Secure, I moved on to a 30 day trial of Kaspersky. After a week or so, I decided to purchase the full version of Kaspersky.

    Installing the program was easy. You have to uninstall any other anti-virus programs, including Kaspersky, then simply load the CD. The installation took a few minutes, then updating took a little while more. In less than 15 minutes, I had all my settings set, and I was confident I was safe from online threats.

    Since this is the 3 user version, I am able to protect my Desktop at home, as well as my own Laptop, and my sister's Laptop too. Such good protection, for 3 computers, was a bargain here on Amazon.

    If you don't know for sure, google the phrase "Kaspersky Free Trial", and download the 30 day trial version. If you are happy, uninstall the software, and purchase the program here on Amazon. That way you get to "Try before you buy".
  • Jonathan C. Chan - Great Book for Preventative Back PainWhen I started working I began to have back pain. My body was not used to sitting down for long hours facing the computer. Although I have not needed to see a doctor for these pains... I worry about the long term damage. I hear about so many people needed back pain surgeries and long term chiropractor treatments and I end up worrying. My girlfriend was the one who suggested I prevent the problem at the root and recommended this book for preventative care. This book has clear pictures and has changed the way I sit, now I no longer feel sore after work. I feel more circulation in the arms and no longer have tense shoulder pains. The great thing about the exercises in the book is that they can be done anywhere and all the time. I have begun to integrate these exercises into my daily routine. I definitely recommend this book for people like me who worries about future pain.
  • Edwin L. Hiatt, M.D. - Best available.Whether you are preparing for ACLS certification or simply reviewing, ACLS - 2013 - ePub is the best resource available. If you've used Dr. Grauer's "Pocket Brain" books before, you'll like the ePub version even more- color illustrations, links enabling immediate information retrieval, and instant search functionality. It just keeps getting better.
  • Reading Bear "Alex" - BEST nose cleaning device ever inventedMy poor baby had 7 yes it is 7 ear infections in one winter and we tried everything you could possibly think of but nothing worked until a friend of ours recommended this device. In case you do not know ear infections are actually caused by nose drip (ear and nose are connected).
    Now about device, it is as simple as it goes, you connect it to you vacuum insert tip into baby nose and watch as it gets cleaned up. Do not, I repeat do not worry about air pressure, in this devise there is 3 chambers and by the time it gets to your baby nose it is perfectly gentle and just perfect to clean nose without causing any issues. I am currently using it on 3 years old, 2 years old and 3 month old. My 3 months old got staffed nose and could not sleep at night but 30 second cleaning before sleep time and we sleep like a baby. Before I inserted into my baby nose I did try it on myself so if you have any doubts just stick it into your own nose and you see. This thing is a life saver and in my older baby case ear saver for the past 2 years. I got one for my house and 3 as a present to my newly parents friends and that was the best present they got (well almost). The big difference between this one and other baby aspirators is the NON gross factor that you do not need to suck it by mouth YAK!!! And it actually works much better because it created constant gentle air pressure.
  • 16takes - OUTSTANDING!I just finished reading The Power of the Pussy and it’s not at all what I expected, thankfully! I was expecting…well, something else. This book was full of advice that I didn’t realize that I needed. You get mixed messages in society today with regard to dating and sex, yet men have not changed. They must chase you, you must value yourself, you must not jump into the sack too soon, and you must be a lady. I lost my husband way too young in life and found myself alone at 51 and about to resort to the errors of my old ways. The only reason that I landed such an incredible husband, that worshipped the ground that I walked on, was because we knew each other when we were teenagers. I was two years older and seldom gave him the time of day. He had a crush on me and I thought he was too immature. I lost touch with him for 19 years and when I reconnected with him I discovered that he’d become quite a man. On the first date (against the Power of the Pussy rules) with only a little encouragement, I dragged him into my bed. In his mind we had courted for 4 years 19 years ago. Had he not considered our teenage years a courtship, I’m sure he would have considered me a f-buddy and never wouldn’t have asked me to marry him. In the 15 years that we were married I learned the definition of a good man and real love. After he died I thought that I couldn’t possibly find that kind of love again. I’m still not sure but after reading this book I am more optimistic. Most importantly, I’m confident that I’ll play the game and not be played. Every young girl that is beginning to show an interest in boys should be taught these rules. My parents tried to coach me after I made mistakes but it had little effect on me. It was too little and too late. Many years of heart ache ensued resulting in low self-esteem, self-doubt and depression. This book was abrupt, to the point, no nonsense, straight forward, relevant in the current day, may be shocking to some, but is highly valuable and humorous to those not shocked by her style and candor. Read it, believe it, live it and hold out for the best because you deserve it. Anything less is damaging and difficult to overcome.