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Country: Europe, BG, Bulgaria

  • Randall Black - A quick yet satisfying readThe author of Tuscan Milk gets right to the point and saves the busy reader time with a crisp, focused narrative. I read it in one night and part of the next day. Not elaborate, the illustrations make the point: cows can fly in New York, although lunar gravity and near-light velocities "curve" space to create strange relativistic bovine warping. Lay readers will appreciate the constrained use of math, but may miss beloved traditional elements: Cat? Fiddle? Dish? Spoon? Stop looking! This is a modern work of milk that doesn't look back. Customers who liked Tuscan might like the edgy, high-tech read on Eagle Brand Condensed or even Carnation Powdered. Buying used is not a recommended option.
  • Deborah Eggleston - THANK YOU DR. PAGANOFinally, after 15 years of battling psoriasis there is hope and a cure. I've tried every topical, own my own light machines, and have even tried the dreaded oral medications. None of them worked much less made much of a difference. I have been treating the symptoms for 15 years. Thanks to Dr. Pagano, I am now treating the cause of my psoriasis . . . poor elimination. After only three weeks of following Dr. Pagano's diet and cleansing recommendations, I have noted a remarkable improvement. I know I will be spot free soon. Chances are your dermatologist will be less than supportive and will spout the "there's no medical evidence" that diet has anything to do with psoriasis, and you will be discouraged when your dermatologist states there is no cure as psoriasis is in your genes. However, the medical field has no evidence that it is your genes, either (ask your dermatologist if the gene has been identified--it hasn't). They've decided it is in our genes because psoriasis runs in families. It runs in families because family is where you learn your eating and toilet habits. Let your dermatologist continue to treat your symptoms while you take control of healing the cause--poor elimination. Dr. Pagano gives you the information and tools necessary to correct your diet and begin proper elimination. You will be overjoyed.