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  • Bano5150 - So far so good!Just got back from vacation and we took this with us. It came in very handy and fit almost every table we tried it on. We even met a couple who noticed we where using the same one as them and they showed us that the carrying bag is underneath the seat. Very easy to use, set up, and spot clean.
  • ndurand - The facts you need to make your own decisionsI loved this book. For once I felt like someone was talking to me as an intelligent woman, instead of treating me like a child. Emily Oster doesn't suggest you should binge drink or eat sushi every day - instead, she gives you the facts, in clear and concise text, and tells you to make your own decisions according to your own values. You can also go into appointments with better information and ask your doctor the right questions. Look, if you just want a big list of "don'ts", and can't stand the gray areas that come with all medicine, don't get this book. But if you want to understand the whys behind all the advice, and take control of one of the most important experiences in life, read "Expecting Better" and use your new knowledge to inform your decisions.
  • Elizabeth "E3903M" - Great Graduation Gift, or just a Great ReadI really liked this book. Sheryl Sandberg has lead a very interesting life and she shares a lot of what she has faced along the way. She offers concrete suggestions for how to handle many situations that young professionals are likely to encounter. I gave this book to all my daughters friends at graduation, as I would have loved to have this book when I was their age. I found the book a fast read. Very readable.
  • SocialAngstiety - Is everyone else a wuss? This tastes fine!Many reviews on here talk about how this product is practically gag-worthy, but my boyfriend and I disagree 100%. Maybe other folks are mixing this in an 8 oz glass of water with a spoon... in that case, yeah, don't do it. But blend this with some almond milk, some juice and some fruit, and you've got a drink that tastes pretty darn okay (if a bit chalky) for being something so healthy. Also, we use one scoop per morning smoothie instead of two, which will keep this tub lasting twice as long.

    People need to remember that our society is so unhealthy because the stuff that tastes super amazing good is killing us (not to mention gross... did you know that some vanilla/strawberry flavored products contain beaver anal sacs?)! Try quitting junk food (refined sugar, unnatural products) for two weeks... just TWO weeks! Your sugar cravings will cease to exist and more natural things will begin to taste way better. Promise.
  • Joanne Vaughan - From a Professional Point of ViewI am a Clinical Nutritionist. I have been in practice for
    5 years. I hold a Ph.D and am currently completing a Docorate of Science. I have used Dr Gottschall's research and her book for all of my IBS patients. I have sent copies to Physicians for their patients. Words alone barely describe the results that can be acheived with the work Dr. Gottschall has accomplished. As a Clinical Nutritionist, I may also include neutraceuticals to improve the health profile but that is not to discount the marvelous ability of this woman's amazing work and dedication.Do not keep this book a secret. It is infinitely important that those individuals who require the knowledge get it. SincerelyJoanne Vaughan Ph.D