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  • Amazonian - Probably the only serious review about this item.From what I make of most of the reviews that I have read they are all jokes mocking Denon about selling a $500.00 Networking cable. Well let me tell you this, I have one of these and I let my friend, who is an electrical engineer, take the cable into his lab and perform various tests on its electrical transmitting characteristics and his results did conclude that this cable does transmit data more accurately than they average cable.

    I can hear it now! "BUT IT IS DIGITUL , IT IS NOT GUNNA MAKE ANY DIFFRECNE!!!!!1" You are absolutely right, this cable will work just as well as any $5 cable that you can pick up from monoprice or newegg but is that what you really want? I mean in these crazy economic times do you not want to invite your neighbors over and rub their face in the fact that the only reason that you have a $500.00 networking cable is because you can afford it?

    Excuse me while I go stroke my e-penor.
  • Carrie A. Yerger "Jan" - Samsung Galaxy Tab 2I love my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. I did a lot of research before purchasing my Samsung. I bought it refurbished and saved some money. It is like new. I have down loaded some books and the tablet big enough and very easy to read. I'm very happy with my purchase.