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Country: Europe, NL, Netherlands

  • Damon - No more chicken!There comes a time in everyone's life when the supermarket runs out of pork and we are forced to eat chicken; except if you're wearing this shirt. It's not that chicken magically turns into pork (which would be something remarkable), but rather, one experiences the same olfactory and gustatory perceptions of pork flavors (bacon, ham, gammon, pancetta,etc...) upon the consumption of chicken. Unfortunately, this is not true for vegetables.
  • horacio lozano - Nice tablet!!!I am very please with this tablet works great, it was a gift for my wife and she is very happy. I would buy more of this no question.
  • Gloria Dyer - A TreasureSusan Branch created magic in this book. It's more than just her diary; it's a work of art! It entertained, informed, and inspired me, and I will treasure it. I didn't want A Fine Romance... to end, and when I turned the last page I wanting more. The honest way Susan expressed her joys and gave enough details of her travels; gave me the "can do" confidence to plan my own trip to explore and retrace some of Susan and Joe's charming adventures in the English countryside. Well done!
  • Rappy - Simply AwesomeI have ridden bikes for 10 years now and I am now around mile 40000, so how does this bike compare to real riding, very nice thank you. I can ride the tdf bike for a few hours - try that on a trainer (good luck). TDF bike features, you can select compact cranks,regular cranks or a triple crank set, you have a selection of 7 or 8 back sprockets for good measure, the cranks are very smooth and use the standard metric 6004 ball bearing set (yes you can install ceramic bearings. The bike lets you coast down hills if you desire.
    Ifit, this is where you set your weight - this is important - because if you select you weigh 300 lbs, you won't be able to turn the cranks on a 12% grade the bike really has some strong magnets, I love it because you can adjust the ifit weight to make the bike feel just like going up your fave-rate mountain. Ifit you can make a map, lets say in the Canary Islands using google maps within the Ifit web page, Google has some really nice HD roads overseas, you can watch these roads on your computer as your ride them, I have a hook up so I can watch my ride on a 58 inch plasma (I Love it).
    Features - Standard Polar Heart Monitor Receiver, Standard Pedals, Standard Seat Post.
    I really almost rather ride this bike then my own, I just love seeing these beautiful roads, I have been exploring France.
    Yes, there have been some issues with this bike - my console was bad, they sent me one promptly so all is well.
  • strangedaze - First clip in shoesThese are the first pair of clip-in shoes I've owned.I have gone on a couple rides now and these shoe/new pedals make it so much easier to ride it feels like they unlocked power I didnt know I had.They also breathe really well I went out on a 80 degree day and my feet did not sweat at all.Overall I like the shoes and would buy again.One other thing I really like how these shoes look just like any other shoe not like the crazy road bike shoes I looked at and these are easy to walk around in but obviously I wouldn't recommend walking around alot in these seeing as they are for bike riding.