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  • Stanford Blaine - Truly InspirationalAll the things we presume to know about our world are easily dismissed when reading this book. The humanity brought to life in this incredible story will definitely touch anyone that takes the time to appreciate it. In a time when people are punished for helping others, we really have to wake up and see where we are heading as a country and as a people. Highly recommended read for young and old alike.
  • Natalia Tarazona - Great product and effective!Have been using this product for a few weeks now and I love it! I haven't felt any side effects and it does curb my appetite. Not a lot but enough where I don't feel like I'm starving between meals. Other products that I have tried have given me a slight headache but definitely not this one. I have managed to combine these pills with healthy meals and gym work outs five days a week and I've lost almost 15 pounds! I recently ordered my second bottle and I'm looking forward to continuing my quest to lose 40 pounds. I can't speak for everyone but I really do like this product and would recommend it.
  • Jana Taylor - LeapFrog makes good stuffI am reviewing this as someone who has previously given their kids the first generation leappad, and also a first generation 7" Galaxy tablet. So my review will draw off of those two products and my experiences as a parent who has given these to their kids to play with.

    The first generation Leappad was cool and all but it was a battery hog. Neither it nor this recent edition come with an AC cord (although there is a spot to plug one in) but we eventually found a cord to use with it so it could be used sans batteries. But when we went to using it with the plug, we found that it didn't get used much as with the batteries... because it wasn't as mobile. Kids like to go outside with it, or move around to different rooms at will. The same is going to be true with this new LeapPad. Batteries lasted one day (with regular use playing videos and Ebooks mostly). So we'll be plugging this in a lot. In this arena the tablet beats the Leap pad because of the battery life and the fact that it recharges.

    The apps for the leappad are all educational. You know you aren't going to get anything questionable. They are categorized well and you know what you are getting. With the tablet, it's a little more of a gamble and you often need to try out apps before letting your kid see them. From this standpoint I'll give the nod to the leappad, although the tablet has access to many more variety of apps.

    Ease of use/uploading apps:
    You have to connect the leappad to the computer to transfer data and upload new apps and such. This was kind of a pain in the butt. The tablet is much easier. Since we'd had the first generation leappad... I knew the ropes but I recall initially setting this up being very confused with their website and navigation. It just takes some getting used to. It shows downloads and uploads in the status bar which sometimes might not be noticeable and you might be tempted to disconnect before all your stuff has completed. They have tools to monitor your kids' learning but I found these not very intuitive and not as helpful as I would have liked. The best monitor is your own eyes as far as I'm concerned.

    This product is fun for kids. The gripes are all on the set up and parent end. Kids just love this thing. My older son who's a little old now for leappad got a renewed interest when we got this new one for his brother. He still loves the old games even though he's advanced beyond them. My youngest thinks of it as "just another tablet" and he loves playing with it.

    Upgrades from old version:
    This one comes with a case (although I don't think it needs one they are pretty sturdy). This new one comes with a front camera and lots of new standard apps like clock, stopwatch, calendar, notes etc. like a tablet would have.

    Additional thoughts:
    I loved that it brought over ALL the old apps we paid for from the leappad first generation to the new one. That was a TOTAL WIN for this product. Portability.