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  • "carpelibrum" - Beautiful, Beautiful, BeautifulCreatively imagined, beautifully written, and thought provoking. Jess Walter tells a memorable story by moving through time in unusual ways and slowly making us fall in love with his perfectly drawn characters. This novel is like life; full of pathos, comedy, and love. "Beautiful Ruins" is one of the best books I've read this year and I'll be recommending it to everyone!
  • S. J. House "aquarabbit" - Great solution for a new problem!In my opinion, a fabulous product. After beginning the NuvaRing birth control, I began to get a bit of extra discharge, smell, and sensitivity. Since this was a problem that I had never had before, it was uncomfortable in a general day to day way, and also horribly embarrassing when I was with my husband. I had heard about WaterWorks a while ago and decided to give it a try since I had never like normal cleansing products as they caused me sensitivity and my doctor is (as they all are) against them. I ran this product by her and she gave me the green light. It's helped so much! I use it twice a day in the shower and not only has it helped keep my personal problems under control, but I also feel so fresh and clean afterwards! Not to make too tasteless of a joke, but when I skip this step in my shower, it's like not flossing my teeth when I brush! I never feel quite as clean! It is a sturdy product and very easy to store if you have a shower rack to hang from (which I do). I am extremely pleased that I've found this.
  • K. Hadley - Awesome and convenient!I bought two of these chairs for our twin girls. We were just going to use them for travel but I think we've found our new high chairs! They fit easily onto our counter top and table, are comfortable for the babies, and fold up nice and easy. Our girls are almost 5 months and have no problem sitting in these seats. I highly recommend this seat.
  • Evan Blittner - A Must Read For All Marketing ProfessionalsPositioning a brand to genuinely differ itself from the competition is one thing. This book goes beyond most branding books by providing a handbook that clearly identifies strategies to create a distinctive consumer experience (ZAG). Neumeier uses real world examples to demonstrate how brands ZAG using organically grown strategies and execution that is placed into their entire culture.

    The book provides detailed explanations as well as charts for key themes such as Good and Different, Defining a brand, Market place clutter, Designing your ZAG, True lines that translate into real world Taglines, engagement, and how to create mutual loyalty programs that engage and challenge consumers rather than buy loyalty with discounts.