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  • Theresa C. - Worked Perfectly, Not Tampered WithI was a little tentative about ordering this product online because of all of the bad reviews I saw on here but there was no problem. Since I've used access codes for different math classes before, I knew what to expect when I received the product. It is not a book and it doesn't come with multiple pieces and parts; all it is is a cardboard folder with the access code for installation inside and brief descriptions of the program, along with some screenshots. Because I ordered the product directly through Amazon, and not a marketplace seller, there were no problems with the access code being used or tampered with.

    Many buyers on here are saying they were upset because they received the product and the code was either uncovered, used, or invalid. When you received your access kit, the code should be covered up with a strip of cardboard that reads, "Student Access Code > PULL" that will need to be torn off to reveal the code underneath. The only reason I could see this being a problem for so many people is that I noticed they bought the product "Used." When buying something like this from a market place seller (something that can only be used once), it would be wise to contact the seller if you can and make sure that the code has not been used or uncovered. Otherwise, you're just buying a very expensive piece of cardboard! Your best bet would be to order through Amazon.

    I've received my kit and installed it and there were no problems with the product whatsoever. I'm very glad I got it here rather than paying $80 at the college bookstore!
  • Glynis - Excellent Product!I've tried many other things for sweat, including a prescription anti-perspirant which only worked marginally well. Sweat Block works! Excellent product - you will not be sorry if you buy it!
  • J. Chavez - Milk - our lives, our freedom.Back when my family immigrated into this country, times were tough. People were out of work, families, torn apart with the fear of the unknown looming over their heads. The one constant...milk.

    The sweet, delicious, run-down-your-chin white froth never disappointed. It never made poor investment decisions. In fact, it invested in us, the American people.
    Whether you were from here, whether you came by boat, by train, or by burro, milk's stomach filling reassurance gave you hope for the future.

    Well, here we are now. The economy in shambles, our grip on the world, slipping. Can you save us, milk? Can you help us return to glory?

    We pray to thee, bovine nectar, the everflowing juice. Save us.
  • - Great Product!!I was simply tired of paying outrageous fees to my cable company when I dont watch that much TV. Roku gives me the ability to watch what I want, when I want it without paying monthly fees unless I choose to. I have a Amazon Prime account and Netflix as paid on the box, but the rest I get is free!! Not everyone will get rid of their cable for this but in my case this was the best choice. Considering buying one for my second TV since you can only use one per set, but it is cheaper than one month of my cable bill!! The HD is awesome and really shows how good of a TV I have. This was easy to set up and very simple to use!! Great choice to replace or supplement your current viewing enjoyment. Bravo on such a great product!!