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  • Tasneem Sulaiman, M.D. - This book is very believable and very interestingThis is a very interesting read, I could not put the book down. Judging by all the controversy it has created among some reviewers, I would say that itself shows how intriguing the book is. A must read. Everything in the book that co-authors Ping Fu and Mei Mei Fox have written appears quite believable if one knows anything about the revolution during the time of Mao. Why are some Chinese readers having a nervous attack. There is nothing in the book that brings China down. The book only refers to Ping Fu's struggles.

    I strongly recommend this book. It is ver interesting.

    Tasneem Sulaiman, M.D
  • Dave - The only thing that works for meI have terrible issues with excessive sweat which is a side effect of two medications I take. You must use it as per the instructions. For me personally I have to apply it consistently every 4 days. But it was getting to the point that I was dreading social situations, but this stuff really works. I'm the life of the party again. Yeehaaah!
  • essbee - An exhaustively researched and rewarding biographyI am a pretty big Henson nerd. In college I interned at the Henson Foundation where I was lucky enough to get to see Jim's office, complete with the light up paper moose that is described in the book, tour the creature shop, and to help the Foundation celebrate the craft of contemporary puppetry. I've also read the colorful and photo filled "Jim Henson: The Works", "The Art of the Muppets", which was a catalog for one of the first museum exhibitions. I've seen the more recent museum exhibition, and screenings of rare and early films such as the ad reel.

    So, I thought that I knew a lot about Jim Henson. But when I started reading this biography, I realized how much I didn't know. This biography includes an exhaustive and impressive array of interviews of people that knew Jim really well, or which he made a strong impression on even in passing, dating back to childhood.

    For example, I had no idea that Jim had started working in television at the age of 17, or how many shows that he worked on or pitched before the Muppet show. To me, it was particularly rewarding to gain a better understanding of how crucial it was for him to meet people at a point in his career where he wasn't certain whether he wanted to continue with Muppets, that had mastered the craft of puppetry, and how deep his appreciation for the craft was, and how much he innovated within the art form. It is also incredibly satisfying to read about how his success came about partially by good timing, partially by having an incredible work ethic, and partially by being generous enough in spirit to work with an amazingly talented array of collaborators, which to me is both a realistic and inspiring model for growing as an artist.

    This is, in some respects, a daunting book - it's 400 plus pages are densely packed, but an incredibly rewarding one. Bravo to Brian Jay Jones on the depth of his research, and to all of the people Jim touched who shared their parts of his story.
  • Heather F. Spears "Heather Spears" - Switch over to this superbly light foundationI have been wearing makeup of every make and this foundation exceeds any and all other makers. I will never wear another foundation made by another company again! You have to try this product. I was surprised at how fast and even the product is to apply. Cuts my preparation time down by 1/2!
  • S. Murphy - Not as good as Falun Gong Forced Organ Harvest set but still AWESOME!I bought my daughter this because she was developing an unhealthy attitude questioning authority. We used to run drills at home. I would tell her she had to stand in the microwave and she would just roll her eyes. Now that she's got this in her toy box she's been more understanding about her responsibility to subject herself to warrantless searches and cancer-causing radiation.

    Still, not as good as the Falun Gong Forced Organ Harvest play set. She really dug that, but the tiny, plastic organs kept getting lost.