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  • Casper Black - Ann remains the American left's worst nightmareAnn Coulter's witty demeanor and hard facts is what drives the libtards blood pressure through the roof. Studies have shown that liberals have far more cases of anxiety and depression than conservatives and she's one of the reasons. Mugged is one of the realest books on race you'll ever read. Like usual, she doesn't sugar coat. And she exposes the liberal bloodsuckers exploiting white "guilt" for their own sinister reasons. Just read it. You'll find yourself agreeing with majority of the book.
  • Carey B - I love this product!!Lipozene works! I have never tried a diet pill before because of all the bad reviews on them but I finally broke down last week and bought Lipozene. I use it like it's my religion, 2 pills 3 times a day, 30 mins before meal time and I have lost 14lbs in 1 week!!! If you want to see results like mine you still need to watch what you eat, be healthy and exercise.
  • Suman Chakrabarti "Suman Chakrabarti" - Works as advertisedI have had a Windows Home Server built on the old Windows 2003 kernel for a few years, now, and I wanted to upgrade, but I really haven't seen any devices I'm in love with. All I really need is DNLA support to share content with all devices in my house, and guess what, it works just great! I don't really need to share my content outside of home, so I've never tested any of that and I only need to backup particular folders on certain machines.

    I have no complaints. People complaining about performance from these WD network storage devices are worried about performance from the drive when really they most likely need to upgrade their routers and switches to gigabit to handle the larger load from locally-streamed content. Of course, I use it with Windows, and not a Mac, so maybe there's some difference there, but my iOS devices don't have any issues, nor do any of my wifi DVD players and XBox.

    4TB of storage is a lifetime of data. As a part-time photographer, I have 10s of thousands of images and I need the storage to be reliable and fast. This drive hits the mark perfectly with a RAID 1 configuration and it has a 3-year warranty, which is really where it's at.