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  • Lucky Lou - I'm hooked and I usually don't play video gamesI bought this so my son could play his favorite games that he has at his mom's place. Then I found we can play together on weekends while he is at his mom's. Now we play Black Opps II and other games almost daily (after school work is done of course) and the competition is on! LOL The price was right and the experience is great!
  • Ray D. Ator - Another reason to buy everything at Amazon!I live in Bellevue WA and I am building a fusion power plant in my basement using cast off parts from the now scuttled nuclear reactor in Hanford WA and my mother's old Volvo 544. I am *not* a physicist by traditional training (you know, the old BS route most people take through the universities) but instead my background in nuclear physics comes from reading wikipedia articles, watching youtube videos, and reading the book "The Dummy's Guide to Building Your Own Fusion Reactor" that I bought off of I've also played the "Fusion Reactor" game on XBOX 360 and so I am familiar with the controls.

    The main issue was finding the nuclear fuel needed to start the fusion process. The damn US government will not sell me any radioactive components since I voted against Obama in the last election. I was just about to blame Obamacare for ruining my chances of having a fusion reactor in my home when I ran across this item at Amazon. Voila! The perfect solution.

    So I need 16 megatons of uranium ore to get the reaction started. Now you're probably thinking "Holy sheep! How is he ever going to pay the shipping charges on 1,456,000,000,000 cans of this stuff? He'll go broke!"

    But that's the beauty of being a PRIME member at Amazon. Shipping is FREE for PRIME members and Mr. Bezos picks up the shipping tab. Boo-yah!

    I'm also going to claim the 16 megatons of uranium ore as a "nuclear medicine treatment" for my hemorrhoids and so Obamacare will pay for the rest of the purchase as they think it's a medical necessity. Double Boo-yah!