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  • GodsDanceralwayz - All I could think about was this storyWhen I heard Ted Dekker's newst novel Kiss was coauthored I was scared! He is by far my favorite author and I was afraid his style wouldn't shine through. The line between Dekker's voice and Erin Healy's cannot be found. Their styles flow together brilliantly, creating an unforgetable thriller. (I'm sure their prior work together helped).
    Healy gives some great insight into the mind of the main character, both being female. Or is it Dekker's alter-ego Samantha? (Any Thr3e fans out ther)? Severed family ties; a possibly corrupt family corporation; presidential race; political scandal; family tragedy; human-trafficking; drug trafficking; and lost love gives this story it's tag line of

    Heart pounding meets heart warming!

    Did I miss anything?

    From the first page I was hooked. Every touch revealed a secret, opened Shauna up to an unknown world that I could not get enough of. With every chapter I became more invested in the story and more desperate for answers. Each day I wanted to race home to read more.
    Using real world issues and a bit of imagination, Dekker again creates a great thriller. His collaboration with Healy, I'll gladly admit, did not disappoint. The countdown beings...One year till Burn!
  • Brasshopper - Well made heating padThis heating pad is large enough to cover your shoulder and back area which is exactly what the doctor ordered (literally). The cord and control are of very good quality. I like that it has the option to have it turn off automatically or not. I've had other large heating pads that didn't have this feature and would turn themselves off when I didn't want them to. My last heating pad wound up in the junk because the cord was so stiff that it cracked after less that 18 months of service.
  • fee10 - deliciously obsessedI wish there was word to describe how deliciously amazing this story was. Suspense and chaos loomed over almost every moment, and only within those simple moments did I realize how tender and sweetly put together this book was. The characters left you riveted and emotionally exhausted, only to be tempted to know more. To be part of who they are as characters.
    I was not sure how I would feel about reading another erotic series but this one was as different from Fifty shades or the cross novels put together. This story has it's own level of depth and intrigue that left me reeling for hours. Staying up for hours on end wanting to know what would happen next, that if love would be enough for the two heroines.
    I loved this story more than I ever intended to. It's just the complicated and just that simple.