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  • Mayank Minglani - On the way to Healing PsoriasisHi All
    I am Psoriasis victim from the time I was a young kid. I did try topical treatment, allopathy medicines, homeopathy medicines and what not, but flares never went away completely. Since I have Psoriasis on my feet I never really bothered much but about 4-5 months ago I decided to transform my lifestyle and thats when I got hold of this book. I read this book but never really followed much. But a month ago, I started making the lifestyle changes recommended in this book and within a month I can see the changes in my skin. My skin is healing than never before. Definitely recommend this book and for people who are ordering this books read the review of C. Spark, he definitely has some startup tips till the time you dont finish reading the book.

    Update - May 25, 2010
    Hi All,
    Voila, My psoriasis is down to 5%. Last 5%, that's it. After suffering for more than a decade, I am about to get rid of Psoriasis for good. What is in the book definitely works....
  • firefly2550 "stacy" - ipad miniwhats not to love about the ipad mini? i have several android tablets and i personally love how simple the ipad is to use and set up i am a video blogger on youtube so i use my ipad to record and upload my videos dont have many apps as i just got it ordered tons of cases and skins for it battery life with full brightness is def an issue when i pulled the lightning charger out for the first time it dropped to 97% is this normal or does my brand new ipad already have a glitch? havent tryed any games yet planning on downloading some soon thats my review for now will update as i use my ipad......
  • Josh Edwards - Who cares?This game is fun. Plain and simple. I am what you would call a casual gamer and I don't own any current gen consoles. That being said, I still know when a game is good, and when it sucks. This game has zero of that sucky vibe. Sure its not very scientifically accurate, and you can only install it 3 times, but that wouldn't really matter to most people. Video games are meant for having fun, and this game accomplishes that. It is challenging where it needs to be, and straightforward where is has to be. That should be all that matters to the casual gamer. Customization is great in this game, you can make just about anything your heart desired. Plus, the game never really ends, which means your experience with this game can and will last just as long as you want it to. Five stars.
  • Rafael K. Rodriguez - Good Product; Fantastic Support!I don't normally write reviews for products but I feel that Wifi baby and the business supporting it are worth it. We have tried multiple systems and all seem to have certain shortcomings but this product has all of the essential features that we were looking for. We wanted good image clarity, good sound, multiple camera capability, remote monitoring (while away from house from smart phone/devices), and support to help if/when issues come up. A previous reviewer mentioned that the screen is split when you have multiple cameras; while this is true, that is just one way to view the video feed, all you do is just tap on the camera you want to focus on and it will be full screen, or you can even do a picture-in-picture view. This product is a bit higher in cost than some, but it really isn't if you consider the amazing support that you receive. While I am happy with all features of this product, I would say by far the best aspect, is the amazing help and support the company offers. They helped us set-up everything at whatever time was good for us, which is later in the evening for us due to work and baby schedules. No other company is this flexible. And even months after the initial set-up, we made a mistake on one of the settings and they were more than happy to fix it for us. Yes, there are some other products with more/different features, but the wife and I truly feel this is the best value out there. Hope this helps.