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  • Jessica Benninger - You have to buff!!At first I was a little displeased with the product. But after using it for about a week I have discovered that the type of brush you use, the amount of product you use (I have found it best to use sparingly) and the amount of buffing you do makes all the difference. Today I buffed it into my face for a little bit longer and used a little less product than I have been and was really pleased with the results!
  • Sheila J - This is a mustMany medical providers use this on a daily basis and now I understand why, it's very helpful!
    It was shipped promptly and the condition was just as it said. Would recommend product and seller.
  • Shawn Hansen - Enlightenment - perfect adjective"An object is just a container for a collection of named values" - Javascript Enlightenment, page 1.

    That one simple statement made JavaScript very clear for me. The rest of the book builds on this fundamental premise, which is a good thing. JavaScript Enlightenment, as the title suggests can and will give you that "Lightbulb Moment" for understanding the language.

    The author does use some examples that seem at odds with best-practices (and I'm glad he does, because it helps to nail home some essential concepts), but he clearly states these examples are for illustrative purposes and would not be used in real world code.

    This book, more than any other on the subject, really nailed home JavaScript understanding for me. This will be the book I recommend to others needing learn JavaScript for real world programs.
  • Erron - Perfect Halloween BarbieI got this for my sister for Halloween because she loves Halloween and Barbies so I knew this would be perfect for her. She loves this doll a lot and is already playing Trick Or Treat with the doll and she loves the outfit that comes with the doll. I am very satisfied with the purchase and I think any little girl would love this Halloween Barbie.