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  • Charlene K. Elwood - TAKE ME AWAY TO MITFORDHave you had problems in the last weeks and months...maybe years...then I reconmmend a trip to Mitford. It is laugh out loud funny and sweet tear sad. What a getaway! This book was hard for me to put down because of the peace I found in the pages. What a smell the freash air; hear the church bells; let's have a picnic kinda book. Enjoy and maybe I'll see you there.
  • Knightsbridgelvr - Great information without having to do the dirty workFor me, this was a helpful book to learn about living naturally without having to read some boring book filled with just facts and research and scary information with no helpful tips on how to actually implement changes into your lifestyle.

    Jessica is honest in saying that she isn't some expert scientist or doctor that knows everything about living naturally. She is forthcoming about this book being a sort of journal of her own experiences. She learned a lot of information from other experts along the way and started a company ... and wrote this book to share the knowledge she gained.

    The facts are stated simply and she provides actual solutions and alternatives. The pictures are beautiful and will be a nice added bonus for her fans. I love the recipe suggestions as well as actual cosmetics brands to try that are more natural.
  • Harvee L. - The Film Industry and its RuinsYou could say this is a novel about Hollywood and film making, about how it can make you a success as it did Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, who are featured in this novel, or it can chew you up and spit you out, as it did the fictional character of Beautiful Ruins, the aspiring actress Dee Moray.

    I found this a very moving story of love and friendship, duty and trust, and two people who survive the greed for fame, fortune and reputation, whether in the film industry or in tourism. The title has multiple meanings, I think, referring to the beautiful but "ruined" Dee of the film industry, and the ruins of the WWII bunker she visits with Pasquale, which shows lasting beauty of another sort. I gave this 5 stars for the characterization, the plot, the writing, and the message. For the entire book. Go read it!

    Disclosure: I received a free review copy of this book for a TLC Virtual Book Tour.
  • Northeast Reader - Jumping a higher barThis book is a definite move for Tessaro from run-of-the mill romances to literature. Clearly, she has honed her craft and turned her attention to women's history and the intersection of the personal; but don't let that description stop you from picking up this book. It's so well-written that you will get caught up in the story, and when you are finished, don't be surprised if you feel an urge to buy a bottle of perfume.

    If you enjoy historical novels, you might enjoy "for Mischief done"

    If you like romantic comedy, you might like Cafenova (Clairmont Series)
  • Heidi - Great book with great contentI would recommend this book to all young women looking to know why guys act the way they do and what they are actually thinking. The authors share stories from their own lives, and talk about topics such as purity, modesty, character, appearance, and much more, all from what they've heard from guys they've interviewed who were between the age of 15-20. For each topic, they show the survey results, and quote what different guys said about the topic. It was really eye-opening to hear advice from real guys, hear from them their struggles, and their encouragement for girls.