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  • Cat Feet - Great as a facial wash AND bath!Finally I found it! THE Tuscan milk....OMG! Ever since my aunt Fannie took me to a wonderful spa in Barstow (they used ONLY Tuscan milk in their treatments!) I've been dying to get my hands on this wholesome goodness in a bottle. It makes an incredible facial wash AND bath (please refer to my image #56 above, in the product description). If you're the organic type and want to avoid chemicals it makes the perfect skin wash that makes you feel clean and OH SO SOFT! It's been said that Cleopatra took milk baths, and there's a darned good reason she did. Amazing skin! THAT is what you get with Tuscan milk, and the more you use...the better! I honestly think my wrinkles are going away (my stomach seems flatter and my buttocks is tighter too!), people often comment on my "creamy" skin. A friend recently started using it as a hair conditioner, but I haven't tried it yet, will try it with my avocado/banana hair pack I'm mixing up in a few days. Highly recommended at ANY price! You'll need at least 16-20 gal. per milk bath, which may seem to be a bit pricey, but if you want to be a drop dead gorgeous as Cleopatra, it's worth it. Unfortunately, there's NO organic version of this fantastic milk (at the price you're paying it SHOULD BE!) but a little bovine recombinant growth hormone won't hurt your outsides as much as it will your insides. A small price to pay, IMO.Who knows...your breasts may grow too!
  • Gregory Piciulo - Loved it While It Lasted.I reluctantly purchased this after extensive research. I bought it through amazon through a third party , refurbished ,sealed with a 90 day manufacturer's warranty. When I recieved the tablet I was so anxious to open it and worried because it is refurbished. Well, I opened the box and the the tablet was in near perfect condition to the naked eye on the physical aspect. Charged it till the light turned green and turned it on. After it loaded up and I looked at the display I noticed a blueish , teal colored line that ran vertically down the left side of the display. No matter which way I held the tablet , landscape or portrait, this blue line seemed permanent. I was very unhappy because it came in perfect condition except for the display problem. I have had to send it off to ASUS for RMA in Texas to fix this and my experience with them so far has not been a good one to say the least. To make a long story short , I took a shot and purchased it and became one of the unlucky ones. If it came with nothing wrong with it , the Prime is an awesome , fast ,tablet, with an excellent display.
    I gave 5 stars because if it wasn't flawed, it would be mint.I love and miss my Prime, yep that's right , still haven't gotten it back yet and its been like over two weeks in there posession over at ASUS.
    I recommend this tablet if you dont care about the GPS issues. It's awesome.

    Best Regards
  • Matthew Doolin - Code for Online CourseThis was the code for the online course, not a textbook. You enter this code into and the course ID to access your class. I really like how it comes with videos, an e-textbook, and examples of the problems your working on so you can see step by step how to solve the problem. Also, there's easy ways to track your grades and get more help in certain areas your struggling in.
  • Jeffrey J.Park - Beautiful Barbie in Red for collectorsWhile this doll may be great for collectors, it is not appropriate for child play. In fact, the doll has not left the box - our toddlers would tear Barbie apart. As a collectible item, however, it is beautiful.

    Our favorite thing about this Barbie doll is the packaging, which is designed to display the doll - in fact, even our young daughter loved the backdrop. Of course, the doll is quite nice too, and features a stunning red/silver ball gown and highly detailed makeup and hair. My wife appreciated the other details on the doll such as the painted fingernails and the high-heeled shoes - in fact, she had to resist the urge to tear the packaging apart to actually hold the doll.

    All in all, this is a fine collectible that is better suited to being on display than being played with. We will definitely save the doll for our daughter though - she will certainly appreciate "Barbie in a box" more when she is older. This 2012 doll makes a nice companion to the 2011 holiday series doll.