Philippine Society of Medical Oncology - Philippine Society of Medical Oncology

Country: North America, US, United States

City: 94107 San Francisco, California

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  • HjSpalenka - About the game itself...I normally would not bother writing a review for the game, but I am a little miffed at the current reviews. So much of the negatives seem to be about the DRM and servers, so lets clear that up first. Every online game has server troubles at launch. WoW did, TF2, Diablo 3, every online game does! Next, the "DRM" isn't an issue, sure, if you lose internet connection for a few minutes, you get kicked out, but 1) by that point it would be a good idea to try and figure out why you lost internet to begin with, and 2)lag isn't an issue. You will almost never get kicked out for a low speed, considering it requires less than 1mbps up/down speed (256kbps down, 64 kbps up, or 1/4 mbps down and 1/16 mbps up).

    So, lets get all the pettiness out of the way, and talk about the game itself, and not the problems that will be gone soon, or ones by people who have not bought the game. (As a note, I bought the game, but not through amazon, I got the Origin Digital Deluxe Edition.) The game is great. Sure, there are some abilities that are gone, but they may come back in EPs, which, lets be honest, can be a good thing, especially since it means if you do not want those features, you don't need to pay for them. I'm glad I bought the game, and a little waiting won't hurt. Besides, I am the first of my friends, and so I shouldn't be torturing myself with waiting for them to go on multiplayer while I try to run a huge region alone.

    Also, as for city size, if you have that much of a problem, run a region yourself, they function like a big city for the most part.