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  • K. Wasemiller - Awesome Study tool!This is a great prep kit for the PCAT exam. Definately want to order well in advance of the test because there is a lot of reading involved. It covers a review for all sections of the exam, starting with even the most basic concepts. It was great in giving you enough information without overwhelming you with too many details. Great help!
  • Seth - Best laptop I've ever ownedYou have to know what you're getting into with Windows RT because it's very different from other versions of Windows. You can't install any traditional Windows software on it so you'll be spending most of your time using app downloaded from the Windows Store.

    That said, I think it's a welcome change. This computer is very easy to use and to manage. It's a simplified experience like using an iPad, but with a full laptop form factor so it's easy to type.

    The trackpad and keyboard are both top-notch, and the touchscreen is excellent. I almost never use the flip-around tablet mode, but that's okay because it makes such a great regular laptop anyway. The only thing I wish it had would be shortcut keys for the Windows Charms on the keyboard like the Surface has.

    What really sets this apart from other laptops I've owned is the battery life. It charges in about two hours and then it lasts about 14 hours of medium-heavy use before needing to be charged again. I can just charge it overnight and then take it with me all day without worrying about bringing a power cable with me, and that's a game changer for me. Traditional laptops have always been frustrating because I never felt comfortable taking them out of the house without hauling along the power cable and that made them not very portable.

    It's also really nice to use on the go because it resumes from sleep instantly. None of my previous laptops have been able to do that. And if you use it to listen to music you can close the lid to put the computer to sleep and your music will continue playing, which is a nice touch.
  • Cynthia E. Downes "Cindy Downes" - I'm an Office fan now with Office mac 2011I've used Apple products since 1982 when I purchased my first Apple IIe - that includes most software. When I decided to self-publish a book in 2004, I bought Quark. Since then, I've used Quark almost exclusively for word processing. My husband would often ask me why in the world I didn't use Word or some other simple word processing program. My answer: I didn't want to learn another program!

    Then, in 2007, I went back to college. I had to use Powerpoint, so I purchased Office for mac. I also used Word when I had to. But I still started up Quark when I was working on my own projects.

    This week, I got a chance to review Office mac 2011. This update has converted me entirely to Word, unless I need to typeset a document.

    Installation was a breeze - four minutes from start to finish. I first opened Powerpoint. I was glad to see that my purchased themes transferred in beautifully. No problems there. I tried a previous presentation and it worked perfectly.

    The new ribbon menu is awesome. This menu makes it so easy to find what you are looking for. The drop-down menus keep everything neat, but convenient. I can't say enough about the menu bar. 5 Stars!

    Next, I tried adding a movie - it is so easy that I had to find out what Word could do and found that it is just as easy to use as Powerpoint.

    I created a document from a template and then created one of my own with a cute ladybug border. I added images and wrapped text. I added a sound file. And changing margins was a breeze. Simply click one of six choices or creating my own custom margin.

    Maybe the previous version of Office does everything I described here; but, with 2011, it's so much easier to figure out. In only a few minutes, I learned to use more new features than all the features I had learned in the last few years. For me, that makes this update worth the money!