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  • Shannon Deason - THE DEFINATIVE MICHAEL JACKSONThis is by far and away the best book on Michael Jackson. Taraborrelli is exhaustive in his research and he gives everyone in Jackson's life, including Joe, his due. Frankly for years I did not read this book because I just felt it was tabloid rehashing, but after Michael Jackson death I picked it up; honestly I was stunned at how much I enjoyed it and how how fair Taraborrelli is to Jackson. The book is a door stop, I dont think he missed an hour of Jackson life, but it's riviting none the less. The book helps the reader understand the current dynamic going on with the Jacksons; the infighting, Joe's bizzare comments, Katherine's odd behavior toward the brilliant Branca and on and on. Michael Jackson is a total enigma, but Taraborrelli gets as close to explaining him as anybody I've read. I appreciate that the author does not make judgements for the most part, he just lays out the information and allows you to form your own conclusions. The book has been recently updated and all the current events have been included. In the end, as a reader you come away with admiration for Jackson, as an iconic talent and humanitarian, you feel sadness for a man who was never allowed to embraced his obvious homosexuality, and scorn for what deep in your heart you know was at the very least bad judgement with reguard to children.
  • L. J. L. Engelen "Lucien Engelen" - What if Dr. House used Twitter.Ok it's a world's first : a book about the use of (social) media in Healthcare that gives a extensive insight in all the different tools that are present and how they can be used in healthcare/medicine.

    A book badly needed since a lot of people are using social networks for use around healthcare related topics. Still in medical education this is not addressed in medical school. Partially because there where no good books about that topic yet, up until now that is. Healthcare professionals are not alone in this by the way, almost 70% of CEO aren't using social media either.

    Written by a young Doctor who after graduation got his Suma Cum Laude PhD at the University of Budapest Bertalan Meskó. As long as i know him (2009) he dedicated his life to making information more accessible for both patients and caregivers. With his platform Webicina.com he provides curated info disease-based, with all kinds of social media presence of it. He created the first ever University course on Social Media for medicine that he is sharing for free, and now he showed his latest "mojo" : a book "Social Media in Clinical Practice"

    Reading it two things come to mind :

    1.The gigantic amount of information and use of social media in healthcare already, but only by a small part of Healthcare professionals.
    2. Professionals NOT yet working in the arena create some new kind of literacy for themselves.

    He spoke about the topic on my latest TEDxNijmegen and the day after addressed over 100 students from our University.
    his book should be on the list of mandatory books for medical students. I will try to do so at our University in Nijmegen. So, strongly recommended reading : Social Media in the Medical Practice by @berci
  • Virtual Habitat, LLC - Much better than expected!I didn't want to buy this. I was happy with QB 2010. Then I started to get the warning messages that Intuit would stop all support of the 2010 product. OK, I can live with that. Then suddenly, I couldn't print anything, not even pdf's. I tried all of the "fixes", but nothing worked. I can't live with that... Well played Intuit, well played.
    So I read all of the reviews. Read about the crappy color scheme, etc. But what else could I do? I deleted QB 2010 and downloaded 2013.
    Hey, guess what? I totally love this version! Not kidding. I like the new way things are laid out. The reports are terrific and everything seems faster. Snappy even! I customized the invoice with my logo and all of my forms automatically had the new logo! How cool is that? Oh, and that color scheme? Gotta say, I like that too. It's more business-like, and I have no problem seeing anything. So, that's it. I'm a happy camper! :)
  • Penmouse - Preliminary review updated Oct 17UPDATE October 17: Started playing with this program and have discovered I have a lot to learn. I have also discovered this program is very intuitive as it seems to use the familiar Mac interface meaning it will be easier to learn AutoCAD. So far very pleased with ease of use.


    This is a preliminary review as we are waiting for more memory. Did not realize that I would need a memory upgrade for the program when I saw this listed in the Vine newsletter. I also discovered you will need to work with a newer Mac in order for this software to operate correctly.

    As to the program, based on documentation, it will take a bit of time to learn how to use the program. I will update this review once I get to have fun playing with AutoCAD.