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  • Rina Kitty - Great for even collage studentsI've had this backpack now for about 3 months (using it everyday and in all honesty putting it through Hell), and it's still holding up strong. I'm a fairly small person (under 5 feet tall), so this backpack fits perfectly. It rolls easily, it has a lot of room, and it just adorable! I'm a college student and it holds up to the high demands of a full time school schedule. Great backpack, I'd recommend it :)
  • J and S Johnson - A must no matter where you liveAlways a good practical health/basic medical resource book that we reference no matter where we have lived. Make sure you have it around especially when the grand kids come.
  • James A. Nichols - Excellent Picture. Excellent Sound.I was really excited to upgrade from my previous Insignia Tv to this one made by LG. There is a huge difference in quality. The picture seems to be more vivid even though both are HD televisions. I also love that this one is a Smart Tv where you can search the web, check facebook, play games, and use other apps that are preloaded or pick new apps. Web was very easy to get to and search.

    Setup was very easy and I had it hooked up in no time. If you use the inluded stand there are 7 screws to attach to connect the stand to the TV. But that took no time at all. Also connecting the wires was very easy and the Tv weight is about 30 lbs so it is very light to pickup and place on a stand or a console.

    The Tv setup is very easy and walks you through setting up your language, time, and channel settings. This is also made easier with the very comfortable and user freiendly remote. Also if there is a system update to the TV you can still watch Tv while it downloads the update you just need to reset it after it completes download for the update to take effect.

    The Tv picture is very crisp and I love the sound of the Tv by itself it does have settings to switch between to a Cinema or Game sound which are very useful when watching movies or playing games.

    Overall I am very pleased with the picture and sound of the Tv. I watched over the air Tv, Avatar, Cars, and Planet Earth to sample and the quality of all were excellent. I would definetly recommend this Tv. My only problem is that there is not a Amazon Instant Video App but I am sure there will be soon.
  • Allen Wong - Sucks up everything and is very easy to use and cleanThis sucks up everything and is very easy to use and clean. There are different settings for different levels of carpet or if you're using it on bare floors. You save tons of money on carpet bags and it doesn't exhaust very smelly carpet fumes. Seems very sturdy. The cord is very long as well so haven't needed an extension cord with it.