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  • C Marwood - Great real-world referenceA must-have if you find yourself unemployed or at a career crossroads and want to explore other options. In this down-to-earth, highly interesting book, Bolles suggests and instructs how to pre-plan and research new business ideas BEFORE taking the jump...and avoiding a plunge...and it flags common pitfalls to beware of. His insight into the subject in incomparable to other books I've found. A must-have reference!
  • KT - Another brilliant Radclyffe bookFive stars to Radclyffe for writing another beautiful love story set against a medical background. Finding yourself and finding love, though common themes, make for great stories and no one word those stories better than Radclyffe.
    I loved the main characters, though I had a hard time picturing them, I know they were described but it just didn't stick. At some point the story seemed to move a little slowly and there was a lot of medical jargon but then it picked back up. It did seem a little too reminiscent of her other novels occasionally but nothing too repetitive. It's a sweet, heart touching romance that leaves the reader feeling all gooey and warm inside.
    My favourite part of the whole thing was getting another dose of Quinn and Honor and crew. I loved them the first time around and I was thrilled to see them again.
    If you're a Radclyffe fan or a lesbian fiction fan, this book is for you...as is every book Radclyffe has written. Seriously, read them all, you won't be disappointed.
  • D. Fazekas - Very happy with the product!I have been using Quicken for more than 10 years. The product has come a long way since I first starting using it. I like the redesigned budget and debt reduction planners. I use almost every feature this software has to offer including the vast variety of reports. This software has help me reduce my debts significantly using the scheduling system, planning, money forecasting, and reports the software provides. I plan my finances for the entire year and use the projected balance feature to keep my finances in line with my financial goals. Yes the unexpected does happens and I have to readjust as time goes on, but it keeps me from spending my money wastefully.

    The product works very well for the most part. There are some corks, but I am overall satisfied with the upgrade and improvements. It is by far the best personal financial software on the market. No other product even comes close to what this product offers. It was well worth the upgrade in my opinion.
  • natalie jay - Political statement and consumer need serendipitously coincideI purchased these shoes after I saw Wendy Davis standing on her feet and talking for about 11 hours. It so happened that I needed new running/walking shoes at this time. Lo and behold, they are wondrous shoes (like Wendy) and the most comfortable I have had. Was not sure these would work because I overpronate but they are supportive in all ways. As a bonus, I get many compliments and thus a chance to tell the story of the red shoes.