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  • Coreys - Only one small complaintAll of the info was great and easy to follow. My only very small complaint was that I was not aware that we had to book Eiffel Tower tickets way in advance or they would sell out. I tried a week before we left for Paris and could not get them. Of course, we went in June, a pretty busy time. Some mention of that would have been nice so that I knew to try as soon as possible. Guess we have to go back!
  • DH Koester - Three Cheers for David WernerI'm a Socialist and I think this is the best of any basic health care manual I've ever seen--particularly when you are far from medical help and are forced, as a layman, to perform medical aid yourself. It sits prominently on my shelf, at the ready, should natural disaster or otherwise require me to diagnose or conduct a basic medical procedure. I've traveled through remote third-world countries most of my life and would say a book of this sort in each little village where there is usually zero medical expertise would be invaluable--which is exactly why most world health organizations (the real experts) require, or at least recommend, that their workers carry it.

    Now, on the other hand, my daughter is a Capitalist---and she loves the book too. In fact she is a Master-degreed public health nurse with almost twenty years experience. It sits on her shelf, too,and she couldn't be a bigger proponet. We both realize, of course, that if you need medical care and are near a hospital or have easy access to a doctor (and can afford one) the book should remain on the shelf, and you should instead avail yourself of their services. But, as you can tell from the cover, the book was not written for those situations--it was written for remote and third-world locations where medical help is not available. Duh!!

    Incidently, I have a friend that is neither Socialist or Capitalist--and he loves the book too! I guess ones economic model preference has nothing to do with the merits of the book--(even though, as a socialist,I do know for certain that in most countries of the world--including this one--the majority of the wealth and land ownership is in the hands of a few!)

    DH Koester--"And There I Was" And There I Was Volume VII: A Backpacking Adventure In Guatemala
  • Brian A. Schar - It just worksThis product is the size of a large cell phone, which is still smaller than a paperback book. It comes with a single cord. Plug the cord into this drive, plug the other end of the cord into a USB port on your computer, and it's connected. No screwy control panel, no invitations to buy software you don't want - just a drive you drag and drop files into. This Seagate drive is the way technology should be - it just works. Highly recommended; a great option for a backup drive that you can just plug in, use, then stick in a drawer or closet out of the way.