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  • Kevin Tunis "Kevin Tunis" - A Great Insight on The Flow of Intuitive Technology!I'll admit, I'm a Technology geek. I need to know about every new gadgets, computer, phone, software...you name it...I need to know.

    The Age of Context examines five technology forces: mobile, social media, big data,sensors, and location-based technologies. Technology always moves forward & it's always changing to meet the demands and needs of customers. Technology is becoming intuitive - it fits the way customers lives.And, like any evolution, adapting is what enables us to survive and thrive in an always-changing world.

    In the Age of Context, you will learn of many upcoming technological revolutions. The 'context' of how everything that we use in our daily lives, personal or business _everything streamlines and works together straight across the board.

    Some of the examples of the upcoming "storm" as the writers put it, can be scary for the nontechnical person. But for a technical addict, these future examples are anticipated with feverish excitement. In an ever-changing work, the Age of Context will encourage you to become "current" with all the fabulous technology that will enable you to function in the best possible way in all of the five technology forces.

    The Age of Context is a must-read for everyone regardless of their expertise with the technical world.
  • Rose Red - As good as it gets for candida treatmentI have upgraded to the fivelac version of this product from threelac it has solved all the issues I was confounded with in before (it has acidopholus & bifidus along with the three strains of candida eating bacteria inside). I have CFS, and have been tested for Ebstein Barr, Candida, & Hypothyroid - with positive results for all. I've found after 5 years, I cannot live without my T3(thyroid medication), Fivelac, Thorne Mediclear & a Ph Balanced Diet - otherwise I cannot function enough to keep all my affairs in order. After trying a zillion products, practitioners & spending thousands of $$$$ - this is what I've been left with. BTW - if u have a dianosed hypothyroid - go see an endocrinologist! Abandon that unconventional overpriced CFS doctor!! (Holtorf Medical Group in Torrance is a rip-off!) Hope this helps!
  • Matthew Wiltshire - A great valueI have to update my review. Months after release and playing more than 200 hours as well as trying out the other Action RPG competitors, I am glad the direction that Diablo went in. Compared to the previous installment, they did streamline the game to not feel so "nuts and bolts." There are some things that this allows and prohibits. The one major downfall is that every character levels up the same. This limits the dynamics of the characters. Once you have a Barbarian or Demon Hunter already created, creating another is superfluous. However, it allows for a focus on skills and skill selection. Also, there are options to test different builds to one you like. Attributes are automatically distributed when you level, so the game becomes a little more results based.

    The drop rates are way better than months ago and Inferno difficulty is manageable than there were even 6 months ago.

    Multiplayer can be fun and as time went on, there are more options for those that don't participate. Patch 1.08 will enhance the benefits of multiplayer more.

    The RMAH was a bad idea and is now recognized as a bad idea by Blizzard. The auction house can be nice sometimes to open up different options. There is a sense of community that I don't see with the competitors with the online DRM, auction house, multiplayer etc. that I like, but most find these to be the greatest detriments to the game or the areas that need the most improvement.

    Unlike many games, this game is continually updated and revised. I've put countless hours into this game. It is a wonderful value since it requires no additional costs.
  • Gail Culp - The program downloaded and worked easily.My sister suddenly wanted to write a new will before she left on a trip. Her old one was very out of date. I was able to download WillMaker, draft a new will, find two witnesses and get the job done. Her financial affairs are simple but she still plans to see an estate lawyer. Meanwhile she has peace of mind.
  • Maria Robben - Well written and captivating post apocalyptic story that I couldn't put down and can't wait to see more of.It's been a while since I stumbled upon a new series, and a new author who really captivated me. Mr. Howey, I love your books. I read all the books in the series within 1.5 weeks, over several evenings of awesomeness. They are one of the best, if not the best, post-apocalyptic stories I have ever read. The writing itself is great, the imagery is awesome, and the descriptions of the relationships between the characters is very real and touching. Also, it's super entertaining.