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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 84606 Provo, Utah

  • Victoriya Erdneeva - A must have for city residentsSo many times my friends from suburbs recommend not to spend much on a stroller, advising to get the lightest and the cheapest. That does not apply to people who live in the city. We use it a lot and the pavement is not all perfectly even in many ares. This stroller is very sturdy and manipulable comparing to the other lightweight strollers we tested. We were looking for something light, maneuverable and that doesn't take a lot of space at our apartment when folded. B-agile fits perfectly.
  • Brent R. Kelly - It worksMy wife got these for her stomach/digestive issues and it has really helped a lot. For all of the medications that she has been given that have not worked, this stuff has helped her to not be in pain and eat more normally. I am very pleased with this product, as is my wife!