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  • jjiggs65 - What a relief!I had borrowed this set of cds from a friend and I was able to put some of the ideas into practice immediately. Great results. What an incredible relief. I have a degree in Psychology with a focus on Child Development, as well as 15 years of working with children in several different settings. Having my own children has been a totally different experience, just like people said it would be. Although my son (10 yrs. old) is typically known to be a wonderful kid with others, with me he had become more and more disrespectful and abnoxious. I had started to wonder if there was a medical or psychological issue that I was missing. With the help of this program, I have already started to turn things around. Amen!
  • Tandi Wheless - Great reference bookVery nice, easy to follow drug reference guide. Extremely helpful for any nurse or CMA. I would recommend this book to anyone in the healthcare profession, students or even lay people.
  • Apple - Has been a great productMy husband had bad breath that could not be corrected by going to the dentist and their treatment, so we knew it was not a dental issue, but the bad breath remained until I bought this product. I should go on auto delivery, because I have been ordering it on a regular basis because it works so well. So much better sitting in church with him now when he talks to me... and can you imagine what others thought but did not say, when he was near them talking; just saved him some embarrassment, but that is just what wives do... LOL: Just hope he would do the same for me.
  • Susan H - Great Meals, Skip Mix InsLearned about Body by Vi from a Facebook friend. Not wanting to get sucked into Challenge, was excited to find the shakes here. Did the shakes twice a day, used my Fitness Pal app to track my calories, and perform 30 min exercise every day... After one week... I lost 9 POUNDS!! Totally surprised... 1st day I felt bloated, so I started drinking more water... I feel great!! I'm 10lbs from my goal & don't expect another big loss like last week. Very tasty shakes & I didn't bother w/ transformation kit & the $249 expense. Figured I'd wait til I plateau before switching it up.