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  • Diana De Avila "MS Gkygrl" - A fascinating look into the life of Micheal JacksonWhile the author injects many of his own assumptions (especially at the end during the "final years") the book is written in a wonderful, conversational style that moves right along and is difficult to put down. I felt like a learned a bit about the psychology behind Micheal Jackson through the lens of his friend, the author. Understanding that he really is a "Peter Pan" and has never really grown up helps the reader sympathize somewhat with some of his actions. While not understanding some of them and not agreeing with them, at very least we can come to understand some of the madness and narcissism that Micheal portrays consistently throughout his life.

    I was saddened to see Micheal's life end in such a tragic and lonely way. I understand that death must have somehow been a release for him, his life and existence seemed so lonely by the end.

    A great book and one I was sad to see end.
  • Be-a-uty - It is amazing, but I think this product really works!!I breastfed my three boys for more than three years (the youngest is 2 now), so my breasts after the last one looked like those infamous "rocks in the socks". Not that I would be desperate because of that, they did great job :o), but they didn't look nice in the swimming wear :o). An augmantation hurts, and you have to maintain it, plus not everybody likes the result. So I encountered with this product by googling some breast enhancing stuff and Breast Actives significantly led all the reviews and tests. So I purchased them. Both Pills and Creams. After one month of using them, my breasts feel much firmer and fuller. Really! I can't say whether they will also grow a lot, but from size 34A I had to switch to 34B two weeks ago. So probably it is working on this field too. I recommend this product! Also I stopped having pain during my periods (I had two so far and I was surprised how smoothly I got through them).
  • Peter Mancini - What's not to love?If you have a touch monitor or touch devices this is a fantastic update to the old fashion window's interface. Memory management is even better than on Windows 7. It still has desktop mode if you really want it (and in my case as a developer I need it.)

    I highly recommend this if, as I said above, you have touch devices that are compatible with it.
  • Cherise Everhard - I love this series!4.5 stars!

    I received this book free through Goodreads First Reads.

    Winter Makepeace has been the manager of an orphanage for years. He is known as a serious man completely committed to the home, to say the orphanage is his life would be an understatement. But at night he moonlights as the Ghost of St. Giles. The Ghost is a hero to some, a villain to others, but legendary to all. Winters risks his life nightly to right the wrongs in impoverished St. Giles. When he is injured and left for dead after his most recent mission he is rescued by Lady Isabel Beckinhall. Isabel is fascinated by the Ghost, she nurses him to health and he disappears soon after.

    Isabel happens to be a part of the Ladies' Syndicate that finances and oversees the orphanage. When Winter's manners and managerial skills are called into question she is asked to tutor him, to try to soften his edges. Soon she discovers there is much more to Winter than meets the eye.

    I have been fascinated by the stoic Winter since the first book, I was thrilled with how his story turned out. The romance between Winter and Isabel isn't easy as they both have such different lives and both feel strongly about the paths their lives should take, but there is no denying their chemistry. Page after page things heat up and I loved every moment.

    Although romance is at the forefront there is also the mystery of missing children and a heavy dose of action as the Ghost of St. Giles fights to find the truth. This series has been wonderful so far and this book is an excellent addition. I am practically twitchy with anticipation for the next story and I hope this series continues on even further. I would love to see some of the orphans like Joseph Tinbox and Peach find their happily ever after.

    I highly recommend this book, but if you haven't read the first three I suggest you do so before reading this one.

    There are many reasons Elizabeth Hoyt is one of my favorite authors and this book just proves what excellent taste in authors I have! :)

    Cherise Everhard, July 2012
  • Paolo Traegini "Motorsports Geek" - Calling all Marvel fans...don't miss this series!This is a terrific series for Marvel fans! My wife thinks there are too many 'young, pretty people' in the cast - but it's defense: first, this is television after all, and second, ya have to give it time. After only three episodes I can see that Whedon is working his back-story magic with these characters, and Clark Gregg plays his impeccable, implacable Agent Coulson self to perfection. Overall this is a very fun series, and yes, the cast is rather 'easy on the eyes'. I'm sure the cast will balance out with a broader variety of ages and personalities...since the Marvel 'verse is rather large, and well-stocked. ;-) Overall, this is (now) my new favorite TV series today.