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  • lou30088 - Graet Amazon Product/deal yet again !!!I have used Norton Antivirus for 3+ years now. This product WORKS !!! I have not had any viruses at all. I would definitely buy this product on-line as apposed to renewing. It is half the price than renewal. Norton wanted $34.99 to renew. I paid $14.99 on-line for the same product. Keep that in mind when it's time to renew. GREAT PRODUCT !!!
  • Faerie at Heart - Painful but worked GREAT!OK, so, if you do NOT use this product CORRECTLY it will NOT work.

    If you are a WUSS and can not stand even a LITTLE PAIN, this product will not work for you.....

    I had gotten a wart on my left middle finger RIGHT on the edge of my nail (VERY Difficult area to treat). I had tried the liquid treatments that you brush on, I tried garlic, AND I even went to the doctor (who used a VERY similar kit to this..... and who also did not hold it on long enough, or on the WHOLE wart).....

    Needless to say I was fed up with having this darn thing on my finger for over a YEAR!!!!!

    I went out and bought this kit. I followed the instructions SOMEWHAT to a T. IT says to wait 2 weeks before repeating treatment... I found that if in a couple of days my finger felt fine and was not sore and did not ache, then I would treat it again.

    Also, I kept the tip of the applicator pressed on the wart from 40-50 seconds (10 secs longer then they recommend) .... or pretty much as long as I could take it UP TO 50 seconds..... (It REALLY hurts like heck leaving it on up to 50 secs!)

    Here are some tips:
    1.) Find a way to shave down the top of the wart... use a nail file, sandpaper, scalpel (my mom is a nurse, therefore I have them on hand)... Get all of the top/dead layers off. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT HANDLE THE SHAVINGS THAT YOU CUT OFF! THEY WILL HAVE THE WART VIRUS CONTAINED WITHIN THEM! WASH THEM DOWN THE DRAIN/THROW THEM AWAY ASAP! (Do NOT cut/file TOO far down! if you get too deep you will cause the wart to bleed, and trying to get a wart to stop bleeding is almost impossible! It has it's own little set of blood vessels and does not CLOT! The bleeding may also spread the wart to other areas also!

    2.)SOAK the area to be treated in warm water for 5-10 minutes. The longer the better. It saturates the area, and get's it nice and plump with water so that when you actually freeze it the freezing process can travel through the tissue better and get down deeper to the wart.

    3.) Even on smaller warts freeze it until you feel some stinging. Meaning, if you leave it on 10-20 secs and you don't feel any pain, leave it on a little longer (NOT over 50 secs!!!!) If you do not feel pain you're really not freezing deep enough to kill the virus!

    4.) If you need to treat more then once, do it BEFORE the end of the two week limit they say on the box. What I would do, is in say 3-5 days, if the area was NOT tender anymore, and it did NOT ache or hurt anymore, I'd freeze it again, repeating the steps I listed above. DON'T overdo it however, you could end up REALLY killing off your good skin!

    I froze the one on my left middle finger about 3-4 times in a timeframe of about 2 weeks, and I did ALL the above steps I listed. It finally disappeared! A doctor didn't help, the liquid brush on stuff didn't help! JUST this stuff!!!!!!!!

  • Elizabeth R. Boykin - School MatesI was in second grade in the Dyess Arkansas school when J.R, was a senior. I missed the bus home from school one day because I became interested in watching students playing basketball. I was scared and crying so J.R. and a friend took pity on me and took me home. I probably got home before the school bus would have gotten me there. Yes, I enjoyed this book because so much was based on his growing-up years in Dyess. I still have the yearbooks of his Junior and Senior years and I took one to a concert where he autographed the page on which his senior picture is shown.

    I would recommend this book to everyone who was a fan of Johnny Cash.