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  • Karen Jasper - Very User Friendly and reliableMy husband loves this product. He is not so computer savvy, but he can figure this program out and plans all kinds of trips and routes for us and our friends. Got great service from Amazon.com, came right away and was just what we ordered. It was an update for an older version, so I knew what to expect.
  • James Barnett - Quicken Deluxe 2013As usual, the folks at Intuit have put out another good checkbook and money managing piece of software. Once you make any entry on one computer, you merely go to your other computers (up to three), your IPAD, and your Android devices (phones and Kindle Tablets - like Kindle Fire) and hit the mobile sync tab. The software then updates the other devices from the Quicken Cloud. Since we do not store any account numbers on our mobile devices, and have identity theft/fraud insurance, we do not worry about about low lifes stealing from us. Quicken has patched the problems listed by some users.
  • Josiah Rocke - Mulitple Drives Owned, All work great.I've installed these in two laptops, and four desktops. It's worked on everything I've installed it on. On older (2010 or older) machines, you will likely need to enable RAID or AHCI in your BIOS to get the better speeds of an SSD. This is fairly easy, and Microsoft actually has a fix-it that will make any changes to Windows you need to do in order to switch to AHCI/Raid. The best advice is to Google your computer's model number and "SSD upgrade" and find someone else who has done it.
  • Kristi - Get Back On TrackThe title of this review tells it all. What most artists are lacking is someone to tell us that it's okay to be doing what we are doing and to learn how to incorporate that into our everyday lives. Julia Cameron does this! As you read each chapter you begin to notice an inspirational flow to your everyday life. As you complete the exercises you begin to say "WOW, look what I can do!" I found myself 'starved' for each new chapter and couldn't wait until the next week when I could read some more. I have also found that her recommendations are ones that most successful artists use. Not to say that I did falter here and there along the way with my 'morning pages'. . . but I soon learned to love them and now right 'night pages' as well. My main recommendation would be for anyone who needs a little (or I should say a lot) of inspiration or maybe some direction to get back on track. I'll definitely be keeping this book to refer back to in the years to come.
  • Michael Staslavesky - This Is Very Good PI have tried too many antivirus softwares, from the free versions to the most expensive ones, none of them was working well enough for me, for different reasons.
    The first time I fell in love with "Kaspersky" is when my computer got infected with a virus that blocked my computer from using. I forgot the name of that virus, but it had a main screen locked in saying it's an FBI website demanding money to unlock my computer. So my computer got infected with this virus while I had another antivirus on and running. I downloaded free Kaspersky removal tool from the website and it easily removed this virus, and this is happend to me twice. So know that I installed this Kaspersky internet security 2013 (got all the current updates), I need to say, this antivirus is very friendly, not slowing my computer, I just feel stupid not buying it long time ago.
    The most important thing before you install this software, is to DELETE all your other antivirus software from your computer, complete uninstall, then install a fresh version of this Kaspersky, you will not regret this, it works just great!