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  • Sheila Hoffman - perfect posture simplyI only wish I discovered this book sooner. I've suffered back pain from scoliosis my entire life. In 8 simple, clear steps Esther outlines an easy to follow method that immediately transformed my posture. The book is beautifully laid out with a wide range of examples from extensive demographic research showing the dos, the don'ts, and the how-tos. The program is inspirational and I look forward to seeing continuing progress. I think everyone would benefit from this book, even if you don't have back pain now.
  • Joanne - Not a miracle pill but it works!I'd heard all the good stuff about garcinia cambogia so decided to give it a go.

    I bought this product after checking out its HCA content and the amount it gives per day which seems to be more than anyone else.

    I'm not massively overweight I just needed to move 14 pounds or so.

    I decided to do some exercise as well to give myself a chance even though I hate it:)

    Took a few days for the effects of the pills to kick in but I did feel less hungry - not sure if this is the pills or my positive attitude.

    Either way fast forward 20 days later and I'm half way to my weight goal without dieting or killing myself exercising.

    These pills work for me so I will be grabbing some more and hopefully by 6 weeks in I'll have reached my goal.
  • Timothy Wiggins "mistabrownskin" - Excellent Internet Security for multiple PC'sI've consistantly chosen Kaspersky, because they have an outstanding track rating of service and reliability. In the past with other companies, I have watched things slip through, but far too often when such things happen, the solution will be with Kaspersky. This is an excellent deal for the value. Retail is about three times as much in stores. This is without a doubt your best buy.
  • Stephanie qoiy - a dose of sanity in today's crazy dating worldMatthew gives fantastic advice that helps me (and my girlfriends, since I recommended him) not only make contact with and attract the guys we want, but also lead more fulfilling lives so that desirable guys actually pursue US! My love life is so much more satisfying since Matthew became a part of it!
  • Loretta Blodgett "MOMMA IN ILLINOIS" - Unbelievable PriceI thought I had to just renew my Norton Antivirus at the same HIGH price on my computer!! It was like $40-$50!!! I did NOT want to pay that price!! Was going to try Ad Aware but then I would lose all my passwords that were saved under my Norton Account. Somehow I was lead to Amazon and saw I could get the same thing for $12!!! I was amazed n delighted!! It took me step by step! Everything was quick and easy and I can always find my info cuz Amazon stores it under my soft wear purchases!! Yay for AMAZON!!! I'm a happy camper!