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  • stixman6 - Cleveland?Anyone else finding the significance in the fact that this soon-to-be released DVD was shot in Cleveland, the Home of the "Rock and Roll" Hall of Fame that has so blindly failed to recognize Rush for years? Or just a mere coincidence? Knowing the humor of the band, I think the former not the latter.

    I caught some of this show on VH1 Classic during "Rush Hashanah". Epic as usual from the masters.
  • Barb E. Dahl - Empower yourselfThis book was first written spanish for a the rural mexican people. For that village that was miles away from the nearest doctor or medical facility. In this version it has been written in english. It gives the reader a basic understanding of the human body and the common ailements. Most of the time the treatments are basic, but their is also an entire section on medication and dosages. Now I do not live in a rural village, but I did find it very empowering to read this book. It is definately something that will go into the emergency bag.
  • Goldenrose - Great product to rejuvenate lanky hairI've always been a so-called 'curly girl' since I was born, but found that as I got older my hair became heavier and thicker, thus weighing the curls down a bit. Before finding the DevaCurl book and products, I was never happy about the state of my hair. The shampoo and conditioner I was using would look okay for a day, but then my hair would develop this sort of 'frizz cloud' that wouldn't go away until my next wash. About two years ago I was in Borders bookstore and found Curly Girl. I was hooked from paragraph one. Decided to buy the products No Poo and One Condition and let me tell you...they really do work. My hair feels lighter, smells better and pairing the No Poo and One Condition with 'Angell' works wonders. My hair isn't disrupted by winds and such and it doesn't matter if I don't have time to scrunch the gel out; the gel eventually lessens and my curls pop out on their own. Great products!! Though the products are somewhat expensive, it's totally worth the price...trust me on this one. Your hair will look great, feel great, smell great, and you'll probably get compliments everywhere you go!!
  • eringinia - Must have!This book has been a lifesaver! My baby is almost 4 months old and I don't know what I would have done w/out this book. There were times during the first 2 weeks especially that we were up in the middle of the night referencing this book to make sure everything was ok. It's a must have for any new family!
  • L. Nozari - The best thing to happen to tv since the remote control.For many years my only options for streaming off the internet to my tv have been using my blu ray player access (very limited) or hooking up my laptop to my tv where video quality suffered. Roku is an unbelievable leap forward. Extremely easy to set up as long as you have an hdmi cable which does not come with it. Voila! You get a huge number of channels (and games) for free and you can stream Netflix (and peruse your account as well, no having to have previously queued up movies) Amazon, Amazon Prime, Hulu all sorts of good stuff. Another added little feature is the ability to use the headphone jack in the remote to watch your show,(earbuds included) and not bother other people who might be in the room studying or working. The only negative I have experienced so far is even though I am a subscriber to HBO I can't access HBOGO not because Roku doesn't offer it but because Comcast, my cable provider doesn't support Roku. Why Comcast, why? Other than that I'm a completely satisfied customer.