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  • David "David" - Good product this year.I was happy with the 2011 version but this year's version seems a little easier. It did take me a couple of minutes to learn how to find certain reports since the format changed a bit but that's no problem! I like the fact that the program operates with little or no interuption while I'm still working. I did have a minor issue with my rebate being declined for something silly, which is not unusual these days. But after an email and a chat online, that problem was quickly resolved to my satisfaction. I definately recommend Internet Security 2012. I currently use Windows Vista.
  • Elaine Cook - So easy and effective!I had a bad case of cervicitis off and on for over a year. I was purchasing the RePhresh gel a couple times a month. The cost of these pills my seem expensive, but after taking this probiotic daily, I have not had to use the gel. I feel good every day!
  • Tony Fisher - UK Users Read This!Users of the old UK versions of Quicken will find that it will not work on Windows 7 and many seem to be looking for a replacement since Quicken left the UK market some years ago. There are no really decent UK home finance programs. The answer is to buy the US version of Quicken Deluxe. It is easy to convert it so that British Pounds are your home currency. First off, choose Edit menu>Preferences>Quicken Program. Then select Calendar and Currencies and then tick the box marked Multicurrency Support. After that, click on Tools in the menu bar, then select Currency List, select UK Pound Sterling in the list and then click Home and OK. After that everything will be in Pounds.

    Quicken will allow you to open accounts in foreign currencies like the Euro if you have them and handles foreign currency much better that the rival programs.

    There are some Americanisms like "check" instead of "cheque" but they don't get in the way. Also, when you register, you need to disable the registration prompt because it needs a valid US based address. To do this, hold down the CTRL and SHIFT keys and click on the Tools menu then One Step Update. I didn't know this so that I now live in Alaska and my zip code is 12345!

    When setting up new accounts, check the "Advanced Setup" at the top of the first box and then select manual entry to avoid problems. After that, all will be well.

    Quicken beats all the other home banking and finance programs hand down; it makes the competition look amateur. It is so much easier to work and much more sophisticated. It won't copy your previous Quicken data, but none of the other programs will either, despite what they claim.
  • Rod Harrington - A Wonderful HelpThis book is dedicated "To the millions of people who suffer needlessly from back pain." Anybody in that category knows what they'd give to become--and stay--pain-free.

    To my mind, here's a great book to help. Esther Gokhale offers natural posture solutions for pain in the back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees and feet. The book consists of eight lessons, meticulously explained, with beautiful illustrative photographs. Half of this large book consists of photos--many of people in non-Western societies standing, walking and bending in natural and harm-free ways. Everything discussed is illustrated--so nothing is too hard to understand.

    How we sit, how we stand, bend, sleep--all are vital to our comfort and health. When we learn to maintain correct posture, we'll find we're moving out of the realms of misery, and into a situation of relief and health.

    I really liked this book. There is just enough science for me to understand what my posture is doing to my body, and just enough explanation for me to understand what I can do to make things better. Changing habits is not automatic, of course--I know it takes time before the new ways feel natural. But when there's a blueprint before me, if I have any motivation, I can practise and learn what's healthy.

    If you're looking for some relief, get this book. You will learn a lot--and you'll be so glad you did.