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  • Arnett A Crawford - The Best Accounting SoftwareI have used Quickbooks software for the last 6 years. @011 has surpassed all expectations. I beta tested this program and even in beta the program performed above my expectations. The functionality and ease of use really creates a user friendly environment. The features and tools like designing your invoices, check processing. integration with PayPal makes this a superior product.
  • Mr. M. Simmonds - Don't hesitate - buy one now!Initially, I was somewhat wary of Android but after weeks of research I decided to buy this tablet. It came with ICS - Android 4.0x, 32 GB version. I won't boar you with the beauty and aesthetics of the unit - it lives up to all of that. The speed of the tablet is unreal (Tegra 3 - 4/5 cores). It is so fast to respond to screen touch - no lag. I have not experienced any issues with the wireless network coverage that seemed to plague some of the earlier units - so these later units seem to have addressed the issue. There is a massive amount of applications available. I would recommend buying a stylus - just saves the screen smudging and makes selecting small text easier than using fat fingers. Here is what amazed me : I switched it on, fiddled around with some of the features and looked at "Mynet". It discovered all my DLNA devices - like the Windows media server and my Bluray players. So I picked a movie clip from the server and when I went to play it the TF201 asked if I wanted to display it locally (on the tablet) or on my Bluray player. I selected the Bluray player and the TV burst into life. It's awesome!

    Why I like it more than the iPad. Like the iPad it's aimed at end users / the consumer market - but the TF201 can be extensively customized. The cameras are great - just dragging the focus area around is so cool. Movie playback is crisp and clear. Screen handling is fast and responsive and zooming in is just the usual process of pushing fingers apart. I had preconceived ideas that I would not want to use it like regular PC - but I have been using it like a tablet - and for everything else I would use a PC for - including video conferencing on Skype. If you want to type long winded reviews then yes, use a PC or get the fabulous docking station (just ordered it). It folds flat, extends battery life to 18 hours, has 2 USB slots and a standard sized SD card.

    Although the 700 model is due out with it's incredible higher res screen sometime (higher res than the iPad HD)in 2Q you won't be disappointed with the TF201 which already has a beautiful screen.

    Eco-System : iPad has a much bigger after market for accessories in retail stores. Having one current model makes it easier to produce standard sized accessories. You may struggle to find accessories for Android tablets in retail stores because each device has front / back cameras, memory slots, connection ports, etc in different locations - so cases in general are device specific. However, there is a wealth of accessories for the myriad of Android tablets like this Asus tab on-line.

    In summary - Android is so user friendly, rock solid and flexible. The Asus' power and performance makes it a winning combination. I have bags under my eyes - staying up so late - I can't leave the Asus alone!

    Update July 3. We were so impressed we bought another one to stop the arguments about who gets to use it.
  • Mark Burnsworth - The toughest test so far...This game is a true test to your video game driving skills. In my experiences, you can adapt to quickly to the game and win everything. From the beginning its a challenge and you can increase the difficulty very easily to the point that the driving experience is very much like what F1 drivers face each and every race.
  • D. S. Thurlow - Something to be Said for Simple...This "McAfee AntiVius Plus 2012" is pretty basic, a one-computer protection system offering basic antivirus protection and easy installation. The package includes a disk that facilitates either download of McAfee from the internet or installation directly from the disk. Be aware that if you install from the disk, your protection suite will be due a significant update from McAfee online. The package include the product key validating your subscription for one year. A more advanced package is recommended if you use lots of social media. Highly recommended to the computer user with simple needs.
  • Georgia Peeples - functional and stylish cool new productThis Mountain Buggy Mini stroller is absolutely great for getting around town and/or parks. It's light weight (about 17 pounds) and perfectly balanced 3 wheels make for easy maneuvering over curbs, down paths and just about anywhere you need to go. On top of being so durable, it comes in pretty much any color your child prefers. Very cool!