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  • K. Abel - GREAT PRODUCT!!Just like any other acne medicine it works for most, but not for all. But for me it worked wonders. Never having an acne issue, I really never worried about my skin. Then I got pregnant and my hormones knocked me back into puberty I guess. Zits everywhere. I have been using Proactiv for 7 years now and I wouldn't use anything else. In fact after using it for an amount of time, I don't have to use it near as much as when you begin. I skip days and most days only have to use it once. If I start to get a zit, just zap some of the "mask" on it like you would clearasil, and it gets rid of it within a day or two. It is a terrific product and I recommend it so much that I even got it for my 14 year old step-daughter. Who also swears by it.

    DO NOT get it from the proactiv website unless you want to pay more and just throw your money away. You pay $30 a month no matter how often you actually get your set. And if you only get your set every 3 months that is 90 bucks plus other shipping fees, etc. that would only pay $60 at the mall for (or less than that on certain websites)... you are paying way over the price it is really worth! And if you deactivate your account you still paid that last 30 bucks for nothing, because if you cancel before your next shipment, you are never going to get that money back even though you didn't get product.

    Give it a shot for a few months and I am certain it will work as well for you as it does for me & my family.
  • lubna - Really great tablet!Cant believe people gave it a lot if bad reviews, I live my tablet its awesome♥ and I love the new software, its now like galaxy 4 phones.
  • pattyb1954 - Orajel really really works!I tried the sample of Orajel cold sore treatment I received from Smiley360 and I could not believe how effective it was. I felt the cold sore coming on and applied the single dose and right away the pain started to subside and it cut healing time by more than half. I recommend to anyone who gets cold sores to try the Orajel and you will be thrilled with the results! Thanks Orajel for my free #SingleDose
  • Kevin Savino-Riker - Creating a prototype for the science of GoodnessThroughout history, we've seen that individuals can bring forth ideas that spark entire movements - shifts in thinking at the societal level - if those ideas are of sufficient profundity. It's becoming clear that the collective of modern scientific thinkers who believe science has no tools to inform morality are in need of their own Reformation, and Sam Harris might just be the next Martin Luther.

    In 'The Moral Landscape', Harris does the hard work for the reader; he reasons through his assertions with such rigor that he presents every objection you could think of, and four more that you didn't, and addresses them alongside each point he makes along the way. Without fail, counter-arguments are handily dispatched. His points are underscored by fact-based evidence in clear and concise language, such that even if the reader disregards any emotional pressure that may come through Harris' words... if they honestly allow facts to stand as facts, there is no way not to agree with his conclusions.

    As profound as his aims appear to be, in truth Harris only sets his sights on proving to the masses that the quality of moral positions can be measured. He's not writing the prescription for the ideal way to live (though he will argue that such a way or equivalent selection of ways exist and are yet to be discovered), he's aiming to give us a toolbox by which we might start uncovering what those ideal ways are.

    Especially in this day of unparalleled ease of communication and access to information, this book deserves to spark a revolution.