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  • Marty Moradian - Immensely helpful bookI first bought The Artist's Way a few years ago as part of a creative writing class, and came back to it recently. I'm in week 11, and it's changed my life so much! Every week provides exercises, which along with the morning pages, are meant to mine out some important insights as to why you're stuck as an artist, or to help you do more things for yourself. If you don't have any sort of block, long-term or short-term, then it probably is not the book for you. The book could be divided into three important parts: morning pages, artist dates, and essays. The essays are pretty helpful to read, generally well-written but sometimes a bit on the New Age side. An artist date is just taking yourself somewhere or doing something without interruption from anyone else, to do something fun. Morning pages, as nearly everyone has already said, consist of three pages written in a notebook every morning. They are about the most helpful facet, but I still recommend getting the book. Remember though, it doesn't actually have anything to do with any technical or historical aspects of art. Just more of a preliminary step before creation, for people that feel too shy or ashamed or something.
    Somewhere at the beginning, you'll list changes that could happen in your life, things you always wanted to do, ways you could be nicer to yourself. By the end, you'll have done them. I swear I've gotten better at nearly everything. I can play guitar better, my voice can hit high notes clearer, I've improved at drawing and I go more places. I can't pick out a single flaw in this book. Others may find something bad to say, but personally I think it all works.
  • PamL - Align helps IBSI have been taking Align for just about a month. I have suffered from severe IBS symptoms most of my life. I also have interstitial cystitis and must take several drugs each day that cause constipation. I tried everything my Drs recommended to alleviate the severe constipation and then the overwhelming diarrhea. I finally went to a Naturopathic Dr. He suggested probiotics and in particular Align. Within 3 days I knew it was working. I have never been more regular and I feel so much better knowing that I can have confidence that my body is not going to trap me in the bathroom for hours each day struggling with symptoms and frustration. I have recommended Align to other family members that suffer from IBS and they are also reporting increased wellbeing.