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  • Robin Orlowski "political activist" - All dolled up--and ready to expose realityI was looking for a 2008 calendar containing wry humor but preferably suiting my faux-retro kitchen schema. I just did not want to settle on anything. I needed something to keep track of my ever-hectic schedule. And this year, I am certain that I will be rushing several places as the months go by.

    So, I did a double take when I saw this calendar. It perfectly met all of my decorator criteria perfectly.

    I have no clue how it happened, but I must have been one of the last people of the planet to hear of this woman.
  • Unconcerned Parent - Beer vs. Breastmilk - The Debate ContinuesThank you, Emily Oster! For years I have been saying that binge drinking while pregnant does no harm to the baby. I have binged on everything from tequilla sunrises to furniture polish while pregnant, and all 9 of my children are as retarded as sponge hammer. But if the alcohol was truly responsible, then surely one of the little brats would have gotten lucky by now, right? It's improbable they would all be retarded, so therefore something other than the alcohol must be to blame, like stupid genes of their 9 good for nothing loser dads.

    Anyway, Emily Oster has finally unearthed the evidence that exposes the conspiracy against alcohol in the medical community. They're all in the pockets the big soda manufacturers, milk distributors, and baby formula producers. I love alcohol, and I don't see why I can't share the things I love with my kids.

    So, I say again, thank you, Emily Oster, knight of truth, protector of vice, and mother of babies. The fascists from NOFASD should go live in Saudi Arabia where there hysterics will be appreciated.
  • lmjharper - Good stuffI used this last year before I got pregnant when I'm pretty sure I had candida. I was always tired and just felt no energy, it was disheartening. When my aunt told me about this stuff, I decided to try it out, I was willing to do whatever. After about a week or so I noticed a difference, I was more awake and less groggy feeling and could actually feel at my best!
  • B. Levine "TheMacGuy" - Does what it needs to doProvides the parts and instructions needed to add a second hard drive to the mini. I added an SSD and it really did improve the speed of the unit. Do note, however, that this upgrade is very difficult as Apple has made it quite difficult to disassemble this item. Specifically, the WiFi and Bluetooth antenna wires are tough to detach without damaging them. Be extremely careful and do not attempt to remove the Bluetooth cable end by spreading the female portion on the motherboard; the "clip" sides will break.